Christmas Ad Hype Is Going The Way Of The Dinosaurs

Christmas. That time of year we all love, unless you're called Scrooge.
What is not to love about meeting up with the family, having bucks fizz, getting bubbly and eating enough food to last a week in a day and of course... THE PRESENTS?!

Because new stuff is always good right?
That's what I thought.

So when it comes to the decisions that lead us to buy new stuff, what could it be?
Personal taste?
Actual need?
Your friends have it?
A recommendation?
Or because an advert had some whacky but almost cute bug-eyed fuzzy creature telling you to buy it?

Definitely the latter.
Ever since my youth I've always viewed the Christmas advert hype train as a ploy.
A big fat ploy by millionaire company owners to ease you into their brick and mortar boundaries so you can part with your hard-earned pennies.

Or in technical terms, marketing genius.

And this is why they bug me. They get under my skin.

Everyone generally overlooks them and appraises them for their creative genius, knowing they're adverts for shops that they won't even visit until they're married with a mortage and three kids, yet they continue to talk about them..

It's become part of our culure to anticipate companies producing Christmas adverts.

Ever heard of a movie?

This is why it irritates me, because ADVERTS get so much attention.
An advert.
An attempt to make you buy something.

But it's become so ingrained in our culture.

Please, if you really wish to celebrate Christmas, don't hype up some corporate ploy, instead engage in more cultural practices.

Watch a movie, listen to music, go to Christmas markets...

The list goes on.

Stop letting corporations have so much attention because they dress themselves up in Christmas to get inside your head.

See beyond it, be clear.

They're just adverts.