"Call of Duty Will Be Good This Year, Trust Me"

Ever since the Call of Duty franchise started being released on a yearly basis back in 2007 people have constantly sought reasons to continue paying $60 on a yearly basis for the same package in a different skin.

However, this year will be different.

15-year-old Bryan Gibbs, who has frantically exhausted the series with his xFaz3Sk0p3x clan since Modern Warfare 3 released in 2011, has claimed big things about the multi-billion franchise's 2016 entry.

"Things will be different this year, Call of Duty will be good this year, trust me"

He then went on to claim:

"I like a good game of CoD as much as any other player, but I feel people complain too much."

"I only started playing in 2011 when we played Mw3 at Sam's birthday party, but the series is the best thing in gaming, and to say this year's release will be boring is simply silly"

Although currently unconfirmed and unannounced, the expected game to release in November 2016 will bring big things according to Bryan. His hopes include:

"I really can't wait to play with the lads and shoot things with new guns. People say they're just skins but you can really feel it in the guns, they feel different! Oh I also hope they bring more perks to make the game easier because I sometimes get really wound up, but not as much as the squeakers with noobtubes! I am a real skilled player, I mean I'm probably good enough to play in a world tournament. I don't leave the house much so I get plenty of time to hone my skills, and my mum complains but she just doesn't understand. Bring on more CoD!"

He then added more after CGUK urged him to give us more detail:

"I just love CoD and guns and I know them really well! I'm probably going to get an M4 when I'm old enough, they're just so fun! One problem is that if Infinity Ward do it then it probably won't have zombies and I really like zombies and stuff, but then Infinity Ward make them better so I can't wait to see the new modern guns!"