Nintendo Reveal Dress-Up "Wear-it Controller"

Following months of teasing their next-generation system, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima today confirmed the very first piece of information regarding the new system's user interface and how the games are played. He said:

"With this system we wanted to bring something entirely new [to] the table. We want to deliver the true Nintendo experience through a revolutionary controller design which offers ease and comfort to the player enjoying the many classics we will release on this system. In addition, we'd like to announce a breakthrough development in controller design. Here at Nintendo we think for the future. Like the Wii-mote's intuitive, unique design, the upcoming Nintendo NX costume controller will offer an extra level of immersion to the player within specific titles. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the future. The 'Wear-It' controller!"

... he continued:

"This concept is quite exciting if I dare say so myself. Unlike our competitors we allow a firsthand experience within our games through this groundbreaking new controller."

He continued, stating the features of the new controller and how it will work:

"In order to operate this controller you must have the default controller to play the game, however if you dress up in say, a specialised controller Mario outfit, you will acquire specific bonuses within the Mario game you're playing! It's really inventive. These bonuses include double points and free Mario DLC costumes!"

When asked if he's being serious, and if he considered the social implications of dressing up as a fictional character to play a game, he responded with:

"'s all a bit of fun really isn't it? At Nintendo, we're all about fun. You may be dressed up as Donkey Kong when the window cleaner decides to clean your windows, and he might just laugh at you, but really, who's the winner here? You're having a great time, fully immersed in the game while he's cleaning windows! It's a no-brainer to buy this controller!"

Although he didn't mention a release date for the new 'Wear-it' controller, he did give a broad timeframe:

"we don't know when it'll be out because the guys in R&D are having too much fun with it, but when it is out you'll know because we'll plaster it all over bus stops in Derbyshire so you don't miss it!"

There you have it folks! What an exciting time to be alive! In the past decade we've seen the advancement of graphics beyond our wildest dreams, the original Wii, the Oculus Rift and the latest innovation, the Wear-it controller!

Post thoughts below on this truly remarkable piece of gaming gear!