Mafia III At Gamescom 2015?

Since 2002, the Mafia series has generated a sizeable amount of publicity within the gaming world. Ranging from controversies to all-out praise, the Mafia series has had an interesting life to say the least. following an 8-year hiatus since the original game, the series resurfaced in 2010 under the follow-up, Mafia:II which was developed by 2K Czech, yet the ending of the game left much to be desired from the perspective of the gamer. Since the follow-up to the original Mafia's launch, the series has remained dormant for half a decade, opening up room for speculation as to where the open-world sandbox series would go next.

Fortunately, the latest development will leave the series-aficionados relieved. During a Q&A session on Twitter, Rick Pasqualone, voice actor for protagonist Vito Scaletta from Mafia:II, posted this very interesting tweet following the E3 2015 event...
Although this arguably confirms the development of Mafia:III, which rumours state began development in 2012, this latest insight into the game's status somewhat implies a sense of immediacy. The wording of the tweet shows disappointment, so perhaps the game was in a presentable state when this tweet was published, indicating we could be on the brink of a Mafia:III unveiling. Therefore, could Mafia:III be revealed at the next large gaming event of 2015: Gamecom 2015? Only time will tell, however with news like this becoming more frequent Mafia:III is definitely happening, and we're most certainly coming ever-closer to seeing it in reality. If a 2015 Gamescom reveal happened, then a mid-2016 release is very likely.

The game is likely to be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Whatever your thoughts are on this development feel free to comment below.


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