Five of Gaming's Biggest Recent Racing Hits

The adrenaline rush and thrills derived from driving flat out at scorching speeds, the crafty overtaking manoeuvres performed on those tight corners and the sheer joy of winning a hard fought race are some of the experiences that are no longer exclusive to F1 and other real world racing drivers. By making stunning racing games that are graphically close to reality, gaming console makers Xbox and Play Station are making every one of us a Michael Schumacher in our own right. These companies are constantly pushing the limits of console racing and are coming up with games that not only look and sound great but are also engaging and enthralling. They give racer the feeling of being immersed in a real race. Every year these companies come up with a host of new racing games that makes the older ones look like a thing of past. We take a look at some of the best racing games that you can enjoy these days.

Need for Speed:  - Coming from the Electronic Arts stable, need for speed has become a name synonymous with high quality racing, and the most wanted and hot pursuit series is no exception. It’s a game series that can be played without putting a foot on the brakes and if some car comes in the way, you may feel free to bang right through it and watch the carnage flying all across. This game series is spectacular to play both from the cops or criminal street racers perspective.

Grid 2 - Introduced around 5 years back, the original Grid racing game wooed both casual and intense games alike. Grid 2 takes the legacy forward by sporting stunning visuals, breath-taking environments and a range of immensely powerful cars. From the moment you grab the console, you're behind the car without an unwanted storyline getting in the way. All in all it’s a slick racing game that has a lot to offer to the gamers.

Dirt 3 - It may not be the newest kid on the block but dirt 3 still remains one of the best off-road arcade racing games of all time. A definite improvement over dirt 2, the game brings a lot to the table with split-screen multiplayer, large number of vehicle classes to choose from and a wide array of customisable difficulty settings options. The game handles like a charm irrespective of the difficulty level you opt for and whether or not you take advantage of stability and braking assists.

Gran Turismo 6 – A game so pleasantly intriguing that it’s bound to give you some sleepless nights. Top notch handling, meticulous attention to detail and its unwavering dedication to simulation make this game an absolute treat for gamers.

Asphalt: Airborne – Available on all major mobile platforms, this game has jaw dropping graphics and smooth controls that can match any console quality game. Asphalt airborne is all about fast paced driving on good looking locations and smashing asunder the cars ahead. It also offers a competitive multiplayer option wherein you can test your mettle against racers from all over the world.

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