Indie Western RPG 'The Black Star' Demo Build Released

Today brings the confirmation that my work-in-progress Western RPG is available for the public to download right now! That's right, The Black Star is now available to you for the first time since it's announcement last July.

Before you  jump to conclusions on a paywalled demo please understand that this is simply a test. Due to having put 100s of hours into developing the game so far I have cut out lots of the areas for this build but don't think this doesn't equate to poor value. Give my game a try, I guarantee you'll be captivated by the mysterious slowly unwinding story of Eric Johnson as he ventures the west in a genre combination that is very rarely done. I have put particular effort into the gameplay mechanics and story to assure you'll be left wanting more. Enjoy, and if this test sees enough interest I'll most definitely push on to finish the project by Christmas 2014! For now this is just a PC exclusive but who knows, if I see a strong response this could make its way on to PlayStation systems before you know it due to the accessibility available.

The demo build is simply a test to see how the public (that's right, you) respond to my game. Although the demo build has a small fee (£0.99p/$1.29) it's simply to see how popular the idea of this game would be and if certain targets are met, the project currently on hiatus will be picked up and finished completely for an official public release.

If interested in purchasing the demo(~15 minutes of gameplay minus exploration) then please drop me an email at The full release will have a more efficient purchasing system but for now me selling the game manually will do. I welcome any press inquiries and would greatly appreciate and press coverage on this title to raise it from the ground and construct potential consumers. Screenshots follow and very shortly I'll upload a video showcasing the gameplay with a developer voiceover. Keep your eyes peeled and if you enjoyed the demo please report back to me with feedback on what to improve
if the project goes ahead.

Demo size: 200mb