The Taxi: An Evolution In Grand Theft Auto

Since the beginning, the Taxi has been an iconic part of Grand Theft Auto's plethora of unique vehicles.
For a start, they're common and offer a balance of medium-speed and damage resistance. In light of GTA:V's launch, we at CGUK utilized the chance to analyse the Taxis from every GTA game to see just how they've changed as time took its toll on life as we know it. Enjoy, below you'll find a screenshot of every GTA game's Taxi, and as initial thoughts reflect, the evolution of this vehicle is radical to say the least! Listed chronologically, here are the images of every taxi to feature in a GTA game:


As you can see, the Taxis share the same colour, however, the shape has seen changed varying from smooth, rounded curves (GTA:LCS, 5th image from left to right) to the 'boxier', more rigid appearance that was adopted for the vehicle in Vice City (3rd image along).

With regard to the topdown taxis seen in the original two Grand Theft Auto games, the London expansion pack and Grand Theft Auto: Advance, the series has altered the appearance the taxi when not needed which reflects the extent to which Rockstar go in order to make their games feel unique.

Since the beginning the Taxi has always been a vehicle of medium strength and speed - some may argue this to be the golden ratio for a vehicle whereas others are more skeptical; however, arguments aside, and it's easy to agree that the Taxi is definitely beneficial to the player due to it's frequent availability and side mission of 'Taxi Driver' in which one must drop off passengers for a fee - a very useful way to get money when you're out!


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