4 Essential Games To Keep Your Mind Off Next Gen

With the next generation of consoles on the horizon now is the best time to revisit older, possibly missed titles from this generation of consoles. Because of this, we at CGUK utilized the opportunity and comprised a list of games that are so good, next-gen can hold off for another year. Don your thinking caps as we voyage through the tides of greatness in the lead-up to the release of the much-anticipated Playstation 4 & Xbox One!


The first contender for our list comes as no surprise, From Software's epic yet brutal Dark Souls is enough to completely invalidate the tier of exclusives available on the next generation of consoles. Allowing the player to customize oneself to a state of power, then battle undying foes big and small, Dark Souls has a nail-bitingly focused highlight on the combat aspect within the game to make an intensely satisfying blend of melee combat, defensive methods and ranged-archery. But that's not all, From Software meticulously crafted Dark Souls to pinpoint quality, the environments within Dark Souls have been crafted to perfection, and in this perfection comes variety ranging from vast unchained forests matted in rich, velvety grass to desolate caves, both magical and deadly.

If you missed out on Dark Souls then change that as soon as you can, Dark Souls is a new kind of RPG, offering satisfaction through intense challenge - something absent from most modern games. Despite the difficulty (which really is over-exaggerated by the 'hardcore' players who like to 'toot their own horn' for playing a slightly difficult game compared to say, Call of Duty), you really can't miss out on this hit, the boss battles (although sometimes difficult) utilize every one of your skills in order to analyze, attack and overcome your superior foe. Dark Souls is huge, sensational and totally unmissable to any RPG fan!


Fallout: 3 marks the iconic Fallout series' debut on the current generation of consoles, and unlike the last iteration, held an array of new features both refreshing and revolutionizing the tyrannous RPG series. Fallout: 3 sees the custom-made protagonist leave the sanctity of their nuclear-proof bunker as they venture out into the feral wilderness of post-apocalyptic America, and yes, as the nature of a nuclear bomb suggests, you get to witness first-hand the immediate effects of such a devastating strike. The true beauty of Fallout:3 lies not in the lengthy gameplay mechanics, but within the intricately crafted carnation of apocalyptic America. Unlike any game before it Fallout:3 offers a fully explorable world, crushed by war as pockets of survivors battle for the raring resources that are so essential to human life. If you haven't played Fallout:3 and enjoy RPG games then now's the time to do so, you won't regret it.

Fallout: 3 deserves a top spot on this list


The next contender stands as one of this generation's most beautifully gritty games available on the market. Rather than being a drug-inspired feud for superiority, Red Dead Redemption takes a backseat and jumps back in time to illuminate the reality of the old western side of America during the early 1900s. Throughout your journey you'll encounter, heroes, villains, lovable characters, characters you'll want to kill upon first sight but overall, you'll encounter one of the most beautiful, authentic and utmost dynamic open worlds available in video games today all from the back of your trusty steed! It doesn't get much better than watching the sun set before a showdown outside the local bar! Red Dead Redemption is a must - it's essential - even if you don't like Western films, CGUK implores you to splash out on such a remarkable purchase.


If you're not the fortunate owner of a Playstation 3 then you're formally excused from this section of the article, however, if you happen to have the system in your possession and haven't experienced the wonder that is The Last Of Us then now is the time to change that. Venture through a fractured America as Joel and his companion Ellie strive to reach a goal with unthinkable benefits, venture through the light and the dark, but ultimately, through the relationship between the game's two afore mentioned characters. There will be turbulent times, there will be joyful times, but at all times there will be the unity of humanity and the belief that Joel and Ellie are all each other have in a time of such despair. Threading the various elements of The Last Of Us together is a overused element in videogaming today, however, such a feature has been refined to perfection in The Last Of Us to the point that no longer will you be 'gun-ho' about tackling them. The infected humans - or the enemies to those unknowing - not only succeed in design, but their behavior hits the sweet spot in evoking fear into the mind of the relentless player. Buy The Last Of Us. Nothing more can be said.

So there you have it, there are 4 games to keep you occupied this Fall during the run-up to Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, enjoy!