WWII FPS Games Are Ready To Come Back With A Bang

Ever since gaming began the Second World War was a comfortable setting in which developers based their shooting games thanks to the rich history, balanced combat and unique scenery. Since then the sub-genre has undergone huge alterations to make it stand out. The first step taken was the jump to 3D, following that, a cinematic vibe was added before the genre made the jump to online multiplayer on home consoles. Since the days of the PS2 the genre has been the sufferer of a turbulent market and because of this, modern-day FPS games reigned the genre leaving the WWII-themed FPS games as an afterthought of the past. Here are some reasons why the genre needs to return because overall, the new plethora of enhancements will allow the fading sub-genre to come back with a bang.

Last time we saw WWII-themed FPS games released on a frequent basis was during the PS2 days, and since then technology has improved in every area imaginable. The in-game audio can now be played in HD for crisp, unparalleled feedback. Moreover, the graphics have received a martian-overhaul, completely unfathomable when the PS2 reigned supreme. Furthermore, improvements in console RAM means that more can be rendered than ever before, even destructible environments that were absent on PS2 - and most PS3/Xbox 360 - WWII FPS games. In short, if the genre were to return now then the technological changes would be more than enough to warrant a return. Take Battlefield:1943, for example, in that game the destructible environments and open-world styled gameplay offer a unique zest on the tired, linear FPS formula that has been tried and tested in multiplayer FPS games since their inception. Games such as Red Orchestra: II on PC show what an FPS game set in WWII could be capable of. This is what consoles need.

Since Infinity Ward struck gold in 2007 with their revolutionary Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, developers have strived to supersede said game and claim the crown of 'FPS king' currently held by the Call of Duty series (as sales figures show). However, that was six (yes, those nights in which you stayed up to play COD4 were 6 years ago) and since then countless imitations, re-releases, sequels and spinoffs have tarnished the once untouchable image of the Call of Duty series. The result of this has meant that the modern-day FPS title is now expected and due to to the onslaught of titles the market received, is now fairly predictable and most aspects of them have been done before. So, the way to go is either into the future (which is currently being done by other titles) or back in time to Vietnam or WWII, or maybe another untouched goldmine of rich history.

Not only will the technology powering the games increase, but so will the games themselves. With this in mind, it is easy to forsee the outcome of a WWII shooter's return which, of course, would be nothing short of amazing. Since the last "mainstream" WWII themes FPS title story pacing and conveying have improved, because of this who knows what developers can achieve? Movie-like FPS titles set in WWII on-par with the acclaimed "Saving Private Ryan"? Moreover, not only will the single player portion improve, but so will the multiplayer. Imagine Russian charges in Stalingrad with up to 100 players. Imagine destructible environments with planes, an array of tanks, bombers, infrantry variations such as flamethrower-men to riflemen and even mine-planters, both planting and seeking mines with their metal detectors. With the new league of consoles on the horizon now is the best time to reincarnate the long-lost genre in the console market.


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