New GTA:V Trailer Set To Release Next Week

With Rockstar Games' heavy-hitter Grand Theft Auto:V due to hit store shelves next month hype is at an all-time high, and this can be seen in a Q&A session where a user posed the question: "Hörde att ni ska lägga upp en ny preview nästa vecka. Sant eller falskt?" meaning "heard you should put up a new preview next week, true or false?" To which Gamereactor responsed: "Det är inte sant. Vi kommer att lägga upp en trailer, men ingen preview" which translates to "it's not true, we will put up a trailer, but not a preview." The entire post can be found here for those wanting a closer look.

So, could this mean Rockstar are set to release a brand new trailer next week, or will the website in question be releasing a previously seen trailer onto their website? This trailer may possibly showcase the exclusive "Grand Theft Auto Online" aspect of Grand Theft Auto: V - an all-new multiplayer offering set to redefine the series on what the game's multiplayer has to offer. Only time will tell, but GTA fans worldwide remain hopeful that something will be revealed next week.

Grand Theft Auto: V is the much-anticipated successor to Grand Theft Auto: IV set to ignite the charts this September (on the 17th), as time stands, the game is currently only confirmed for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360; however if Rockstar Games' track-record is anything to go by a PC release is set to follow the console releases next year.