It's Official, GTA:V Has Snow

In a flash-flood of Grand Theft Auto: V information from Rockstar Games, a very, very interesting image slipped through the fissure, and on the receiving end, it was picked up by eagle-eyes fans which revealed something very interesting indeed.

Ever since a very suspicious set of vehicle files was found in the Max Payne 3 game files, fans wondered whether the vehicles in question were part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto:V, a new screenshot released by Rockstar may very well confirm the presence of such vehicles in Grand theft Auto:V. Among the list of "leaked" vehicles was a plane, a few cars and most-interestingly, a snowplow. That's right, a snowplow in Grand Theft Auto. If Rockstar's official screenshots are anything to go by then we'll be seeing snowplows this September in Los Santos.

Within the boundaries of Grand Theft Auto:V's official website, a series of brand new images were released to act as a background for the site's abundance of pages; however, on a certain page lies an image containing postcards of Los Santos' attractions, a picture of 'North Yank...' (the rest of the word is obscured, it may be "North Yanktown") was spotted, and within this image, snow! Never before has a Grand Theft Auto game features proper, dynamic snow (excluding Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories which featured it in one mission) so like many aspects of Grand Theft Auto:V, this is a first for the series.

Does this confirm the presence of the snowplow found in Max Payne 3's game files, or was that vehicle scrapped somewhere along the line? Whatever the case, we're going to know exactly how much snow is in Grand Theft Auto:V this September, on the 17th of the month. The original image is featured to the right, as you can see, the 'North Yank...' image is just below the 'Zancudo River' image.