Xbox One WILL Be A Success, Regardless Of How Much You Dislike It

In recent months a lot of attention has been focused on Microsoft's stumbling progress with the Xbox One from both the media and the public. With "doom" predictions being tossed left, right and center, one really has been guided to believe this system will bomb following its launch. Although the public has been favoring Sony's Playstation 4, the XBOX One will succeed, regardless of how much you disagree, here's why.

"Casual" Gamers Probably Don't Follow Gaming Media Sites

The recent outburst of controversial, truth-based articles and rumors towards Microsoft and their Xbox One have seen hundreds of thousands of page-hits online which would spur one on to believe the console's image has been tarnished by this point. Well, that isn't completely the case. Aside from "hardcore", or serious gamers, the stories of Microsoft's demise wouldn't have reached the public as unlike you, they probably don't follow gaming news websites. Because of this the Xbox One will seem to be just another console as the fiercely negative articles vilifying the console won't mean anything to them, nor would they even think about them unless they've conducted some personal research before going out to their local supplier in order to buy the console. This is quite an important factor because after conducting a quick search on Google with the term "XBOX ONE" nothing negative came up - this is exactly what a "casual" gamer would do for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 whilst considering which console to buy.

It's Microsoft!

Some may see this as invalid point but the truth is that it is an incredibly valid point. Because the Xbox One is backed, and developed, by Microsoft the chances of failure are eerily low. That's right, regardless of how "sucky" (as said by some of the system's opposition) the Xbox One turns out to be (it will be a brilliant console despite being viewed with high negativity), the success of the system is inevitable because Microsoft have huge stockpiles of spare cash on reserve due to being such a large corporation - this is reflected in the status of their CEO: "world's richest man" as of May 2013. Since Microsoft are so rich they can absolutely dominate the advertising scene and indoctrinate the general public into buying their system; this is all assumed, of course, but this is a very likely point provided Sony don't have the same plans for the PS4.

The Console Appeals To "Casual" Gamers

Of late an argument that has been tossed about is that Microsoft's approach towards gaming has taken a U-turn since the XBOX 360's creation. Definitely noticeable towards the latter half of this generation, Microsoft has stopped focusing predominantly on the "hardcore" market of gamers, instead, they've split their focus 50/50 (although the genre of their recent exclusives begs to differ) so that their "casual" audience receives some of the attention too. Unless you haven't picked up on what the reason for this is then stop worrying as the reason for this is the Kinect. Due to being an essential piece of hardware for the Xbox One (it always has to be connected) Microsoft's focus on the "casual" audience of gamers with regard to the Xbox One is implied to be fairly strong come the system's launch. Because of this the system will appeal to new gamers as well as experienced gamers; however, the competition (Sony and their Playstation 4) has taken the same approach but the "casual" market aim may not be as obvious towards "casual" gamers as their peripheral (the Playstation Move) isn't an essential piece of hardware so isn't advertised in conjunction with the system on ads for the system alone whereas it is with Microsoft's Xbox One and the Kinect.

It's The "Other" Option

To gamers on a budget who don't like the Playstation 4 the Xbox One is the "other" option; therefore, people will buy and use this system for gaming if they really need to do it, can't afford a PC and don't like the PS4. This is because of little competition between Microsoft/Sony and Nintendo. As the sales figures show, Microsoft and Sony's consoles are on a completely different level with regards to sales when compared to that of Nintendo's. Moreover, Nintendo's consoles don't have full third-party developer support which will inevitable but unfortunately deter some gamers from choosing their latest system, the Wii U. So, if they're after full third-party support and fall into the said conditions then the Xbox One will be their first choice.

There Are Still XBOX Loyalists

This point is applicable to just about any system due to the people disliking change and believing in the cruelly destructive idea of "brand loyalty." Due to this, there is still a userbase of hundreds of thousands of Xbox loyalists who won't accept anything else due to a developed sense of brand loyalty, a sense of convenience in keeping their 'friend' and achievement lists when making the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and the opportunity to stay on the platform that offers them the exclusive titles they know and love (such as Halo - an Xbox only series of games).

Although there are many points that could be applied to this situation, the addressed factors are what I believe to be the most significant in leading the way to the Xbox One's success. So, if you are a Playstation gamer and don't want to see Microsoft's system be successful then all I can say is get used to it otherwise you'll be in for a long console generation as the console's succ4ess is as predictable as the grass being green.

*By "success" I mean the console will live a long, healthy life, full of high and low moments. I also mean that Microsoft will make a profit and receive their initial investment back from sales after the costs spent on R&D turns to profit.

Before dismissing this article as a biased, twisted-fanboy piece of work then please consider this: I am a Playstation fan, you can see that from my other articles, but the case with the X1 is inevitable and even I hate to admit it.

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