The Xbox One Isn't Financially Justified

For days I've been reading write-ups on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 and must point out my attuned knowledge on both systems. There is no defending the Xbox One aside from personal tastes (ie: the exclusives), so before I spill into the details prematurely, I'll say this: the Playstation 4 supersedes the Xbox One in nearly every aspect, thus, since the Xbox One costs more and has an inferior offering, it isn't financially justified.

So here we are, approaching the long list of why this console is a total POS, and it is tense to say the least. The reason behind my broad claim is simple: the Playstation 4 is superior, and not just in what's under the bonnet, but also in terms of exclusives available, aesthetics and developer-friendliness. With regard to my previously stated point - the first point - about the hardware, well, the Playstation 4 has superior specs in every area, yet the Xbox One costs more. I don't understand why one would go about paying more for less aside from some disgustedly twisted relationship with Microsoft. To those people I say this: it's a huge company, to them you're faceless, they couldn't give two ticks who, what and where you are. I don't understand why you would form such a large bond with a tyrannous company. This leads me onto my next point.

The games on Xbox are bland to say the least. Sure, there is Forza, sure, there is Dead Rising 3 but what else is there? Ryse? Sorry, if I wanted to play an interactive drama I would play Heavy Rain - at least it gives me freedom of choice in which I'm not restricted to a single corridor-like path. I hear die-hard Xbox fanboys roaring about the graphics and well, what do you expect, they cut back on just about every aspect that makes a good game (aside from graphics) to try and max-out the system and wow people. They failed. Ryse is nothing more than a nonferrous tech-demo. Oh, but Forza, you say? Forza is the Call Of Duty of Xbox. If I really wanted Forza - which I don't for your information - I'd buy an Xbox 360 to save money, get more games and ultimately have a superior console. But Dead Rising 3, that's a total-winner, right? Not at all. The graphics are bland, and if it employs the repetitive, dull, irritating gameplay mechanics of Dead Rising 2 then it won't be long before that game hits bargain bins - just know that it's probably a timed exclusive, too - but it's not like I want it anyway. The best zombie-game experience I've ever had goes to The Last Of Us and I doubt Dead Rising 3 can overcome the masterpiece that was The Last Of Us.When compared to Sony's PS4 exclusives there is a barren wasteland of old, repetitive formulas seen time and time again. Sony has Killzone, but hey, that's the exception, inFamous: Second Son showcases the true power of the "next gen" consoles in an open world and undergoes no cutbacks to make the game look fantastic *cough*RYSE*cough - hell, why is that game even spelt as "RYSE" and not "RISE", is it aimed at 12 year old Call Of Duty fanatics? As things are going, Sony has the superior launch lineup which isn't littered with shovelware Kinect games and tired gameplay formulas being integrated into games.

The next point I'd like to address is the fact that the system has ads integrated into the dashboard. You're nothing but money to them. Does your mobile phone have ads on the home screen? Nope. How about the PS4? Nope. How about the computer/tablet you're reading this with now? Nope and nope. It's lunacy, who would want this? Also, moving on to another greed-related complaint, why don't Microsoft remove the ridiculously large patch-publish fee? It's just like they actually want to make more mountains out of dollar bills. This is greed at its finest, Microsoft have behemoth piles of money, yet they go about charging Indie garage developers high prices for them to publish their game? Yeah, this invalidates the Xbox One being a devkit because you can't even help them afford the cost.

There are more issues such as the crappy offering of "free" games made in 2008, the ridiculous Kinect being compulsory, the way in which they tried to rape consumers of their rights with the DRM rubbish and the way in which Microsoft have PROVEN to drop support for consoles with exclusives rather than deliver consumers with a steady stream of them as Sony does. I wish not to address these issues, though, as I could write a 10-page essay on why I feel this way. In short, the PS4 is superior for a cheaper price and, well, I'm just sick to death of Microsoft's unfulfilled, empty, sugar-coated lies.

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Lol. Drink ur medicines PS fanboy lol

  2. Nice rant, mormon
    1) Define "every way". Far as released specs the main difference seems to be RAM class. Class 5 is better at large packet movement than class 3, but 3 is quicker than 5 with small bits of info. Both can be exploited. Other than that they almost have the exact same specs.
    2) Since when was Sony a small mom-and-pop company who knows everyones names? They're both faceless corporations. Sony did themselves a solid by revealing basically nothing in Feb, letting Microsoft take a killing in May, revealing they won't follow similar policies due to internet reaction (the best kind) and then watching Microsoft try and scramble to save their business by listening to the fan base. At this point they're damned if they do, damned if they don't when it comes to policies and whatnot.
    3) You knock bland games, yet both companies showed their fare share of 'meh' software. I loved Infamous, but this new one doesn't seem to be doing anything different. Neither does Killzone. Looks like the last games with better graphics. Forza at least has Drivatars, which as dumb as it sounds can actually be pretty cool as the marriage of ghost cars and single-player A.I. It's like an asynchronous multiplayer.
    4) You tell people they are absurd to buy a console because you don't love (two of) the games for it. People may equally not like Killzone or Infamous.
    5) You assume Dead Rising and The Last of Us are even close to aiming for the same type of experience.
    6) The spelling or Ryse? Really? That's your argument?
    7) What Kinect shovelware was shown? People barely registered that Kinect Sports was even shown at all. Even Fantasia was basically kept from the main stage. Hell, the biggest mistake is they haven't shown how Kinect will augment "core" games yet, now that it's a standard feature (granted, Sony did as little to talk up the swipe pad on their controller, so both benefits are still theoritical at best)
    8) They did remove the patch fee. That happened. It was pretty big news actually.
    9) Advertising isn't on a computer dashboard because it uses your browsers instead. This very page is framed by ads. And PS3 has ads. They are on the same tab you start off on in the cross-media bar. I always see ads there (mostly within the PS network, but there are instances where it's a link to an in-store promo)
    10) Sony continued to support PS1 because everyone had one, PS2 because everyone had one and nobody could afford PS3 when it launched. It's called install base. The original Xbox barely had one (compared to Sony). They had a hard enough time getting games period, forget about a last gen system.
    11) Raping consumers of their rights = allowing developers/publishers/studios to actually get revenue from their creations. Every year more studios drop dead and Gamestop/EB/GAME get's richer. Anybody ever wonder why? The Microsoft DRM wasn't a stoppage, it was a deterrent. And don't sell the "they should make better games" bull to me, if you walk into a used game store to save $5 on a game less than 60 days old than you sure as hell want the game, you're just greedy and in support of the wrong people.

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