The Last Of Us 20 Year Gap Leaves Elephant-Sized Gap For PS4/Vita Successor

If you jumped on-board and bought Naughty Dog's utterly unmissable The Last Of Us then you'd be aware of the 20 year gap during the game's opening and introduction to the characters. When this is put under the microscope lots of room is left for a continuation of the critically-acclaimed title with lots of plot-holes that need to be covered.

Although Naughty Dog's continuation of the series would make perfect sense (judging from the game's success), it's possible that they may not continue the series after it was stated that they were "sick" of the game's success. However, if this wasn't the case then they could focus a Vita or PS4 successor on what took place within the 20 year gap. For example, later on in the story Joel claims that the last thing his brother said to him was "I never want to see you again" yet this was never heard during the game's introduction that featured his brother, Tommy. This was never covered in detail in game, so there's a point they can focus on for a successor.

Perhaps there was/will be a variation of the infected
more terrifying than the Clickers that got wiped out?
Next up, they could focus on the decline of humanity within this 20 year period. Although we see the initial stages of the outbreak it isn't detailed how world-figures (such as presidents and people of royalty) responded to the outbreak. This would be a particularly interesting area to focus on for it would reveal how exactly mankind fell, and knowing Naughty Dog, the realism of the world of The Last Of Us would reflect in this title as they'd deliver a realistic portrayal of mankind's decline - a point sometimes missed in games of this genre.

Alternatively, Naughty Dog could focus on how Joel coped with his daughter's touching death, something he still hadn't overcome 20 years later. Whether it be from Joel's perspective or a completely new character's perspective (with the latter being very interesting as two stories would be tied into one), this would yet again leave space for a potential continuation of the highly-praised original.

"Say, Sarah, how's it hangin'?"
So, there you have it, that was just my two cents on why The Last Of Us can be continued in one shape or another. The likelihood of a continuation seems quite high considering the range of different outcomes they could cover - an elephant-sized gap if open for new storyline ideas in a continuation of the series, and this is merely within the 20 year gap - they could do a direct sequel to The Last Of Us or even set successor 100 years after the outbreak. The possibilities for a successor are ridiculously large!

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