PS4 "Remote Play" Is Nintendo's Enemy Right Now

On Nintendo's side of life a storm is brewing up, a storm so great that it could determine the fate of Nintendo's Wii U, a storm so vigorous that if Nintendo don't prove themselves to be a genuine platform for games then the Wii U will fail. That's right, I'm talking of Christmas 2013, a time in which two of the 'big three' console manufacturers release their latest systems to the public: the XBOX One and the Playstation 4. A certain feature on one of these consoles, specifically "Remote Play" on the PS4, may spell disaster for the Wii U; however, I'm here to inform you of why the Playstation 4's "Remote Play" won't "kill" the Wii U as some have previously predicted. Instead, "Remote Play" is Nintendo's enemy, and won't change from that status anytime soon due to close similarities between it and the Wii U.

Firstly, "Remote Play" - to those unaware- is a feature requiring a Playstation Vita (Sony's latest handheld system boasting 'the most powerful specs on a handheld system ever') that allows the player to directly play Playstation 4 games on their Vita through the power of streaming. Having been confirmed for all PS4 games, one would expect the Wii U to be in a bit of trouble, but this is not true. The Wii U has benefits to an additional screen - as does Vita/Ps4 connectivity; however, the Wii U's functionality is superior as it has numerous advantages over the Vita/PS4 connectivity. For example, the Wii U's additional screen works in all games, as of writing this article a "cross-controller" scheme (as was available in LittlebigPlanet 2 which allowed the PS Vita to be used as a controller) for Playstation 4 games has not been announced, thus, the Wii U currently has the edge over said connectivity due to working for all games; however, on the other hand, the Playstation Vita/PS4 connectivity allows one to play any game anywhere, dependent on whether the Vita is in range of the PS4 and the user has an internet connection.

Another important point that restricts the Vita/PS4 connectivity from superseding the Wii U's controller is the cost. The base PS4 model (without the Vita) costs more than the Wii U alone (which comes with the screen-integrated controller), this inevitably will deter some people from opting for the PS4 if they're after dual-screen console gaming. Because of this the user will have to spend much more money on the console then another £110 on a used (or ~£150 for a new one) Vita which most-definitely will cost the same as a Wii U and a couple of games (in comparison to the Ps4 and Vita wthout any games).

Although "Remote Play" is an incredible feature, as things stand right now I firmly believe it won't take any attention from the Wii U's unique controller due to costs, limited compatibility (it can't be used as a controller in all PS4 games unlike the U) and unless advertised heavily, won't gain enough attention. With regard to the "battle" this Christmas, unless Nintendo prove themselves then attention could stray from them onto Microsoft and Sony; thus, they have their fate in their hands right now, if they want to stay relevant then they must release lots of unique exclusives because one new console for competition is hard never mind two! Good luck Nintendo, I hope you can prove the haters wrong, here's to Nintendo's success, but if they "fail" and the Wii U fades into the shadows of the new consoles then what's next for Nintendo? Do they become a publisher? Fortunately, the dual-screen technology is only comparable to the PS4/Vita connectivity which will certainly keep their head above the water in the months to follow. That is brilliant for them as the PS4/Vita connectivity, although incredible, costs much more than a base Wii U and only (as of now) allows games to be player around the house.

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