Naughty Dog, Don't Make The Last Of Us 2, You'll Blemish The Original's Charm

Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us has received nothing but praise from both critics and the public alike; however, among this praise has been calls for a sequel and although it seems strange, this is not what Naughty Dog should go about doing.

Although a spiritual successor - a title with different characters set in the same world - would be suitable, a direct sequel concluding Joel and Ellie's story should be the last thing Naughty Dog end up doing. That's right, I am among the crowd who believe The Last Of Us ended perfectly, and if it were to be continued I fear that Naughty Dog would only tarnish the original's prestigious status. With regard to the replacement (if they really must go about concluding Joel and Ellie's story) to a sequel I firmly believe that Naughty Dog should follow the steps laid out by Ubisoft Sofia; back in 2011 Ubisoft Sofia concluded Assassin's Creed's story of Ezio outside of the gaming world. This was achieved with a short yet effective animation names Assassin's Creed: Embers.

Assassin's Creed: Embers - in my opinion - was a fitting end to one of this generation's most prolonged stories. Not only was it short and to the point, but the art style and film-like presentation gave Ezio's conclusion a cinematic finale which was rarely seen in the games themselves, this was mainly due to the animation snapping to and from each character's perspective to progress the story. With regard th The Last Of Us' case, this would be a perfect way to end the story of Joel and Ellie if they really feel that it is necessary to conclude their story. Personally, I believe The Last Of Us' ending was perfect, it was a phenomenal way to end one of this generation's best titles. It is because of this that I feel if the series is to be continued in game-format then the original's glory will only be tarnished. So, they have three choices that I'd gladly accept, these choices are as follows:
- don't make a sequel or continuation of Joel and Ellie's story at all.
- Make a "spiritual successor", a game set in the same world focused around different characters (although I wouldn't like this very much).
- Continue it with a short 30 minute animation as was done in AC: Embers.

Naughty Dog are playing with dynamite here. They can put it down safely and be remembered for what was great about the original or risk ruining the future of the series (which is unlikely considering ND's track record, however, it is definitely possible as I don't know how they can improve TLOU - it was perfect in my eyes). If it was to be continued with a game then the original's uniqueness would regrettably fade.


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