Microsoft's Xbox One Has Morphed Into A Monster

Although Microsoft were of to an extremely bumpy start with regard to their Xbox One, changes being made now are quickly reverting the damage done to try and make the system seem a more feasible option to potential buyers, they've turned their system into a multi-media monster which proves to be a fitting change when compared to the Xbox One we previously knew.

The first step taken to make the Xbox one was the reverted DRM ("Digital Right Management") scheme that unfairly restricted the Xbox One from working when not connected to the internet. Having originally been announced at Microsoft's Xbox One show, the backlash was tremendous, the public uproar from Microsoft's announcement clearly taught them a lesson which led them to remove this feature, one week after the announcement. This was a win for the consumer.

The next step taken by Microsoft was the announcement of Xbox One development for Indie developers. Rather than making it difficult, Microsoft built the Xbox One to be a devkit - this means that every system can be used to develop games - this therefore was yet another tick in Microsoft's good books and showed they were listening to the consumers; however, regardless of this change, the system still remains anti-Indie developer because the fee required to publish a game patch it phenomenally high for small developers which most definitely would deter the non-passionate from publishing on Xbox and lead them to the Indie-friendly competition, Sony with their Playstation Vita and Playstation 3/4 systems.

Another point to Microsoft came through Don Mattrick's resignation - the universally hated President of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft. Such a resignation left many gamers feeling hopeful with regard to Microsoft's future and positive vibes were left in his place.

So with all these issues resolved one would assume the system is perfect now, right? Regrettably, that is not the case. The system requires a "Kinect" camera to always be connected and some believe the system looks ugly calling it a "VCR". In light of Microsoft's recent changes, Xbox fanatics remain hopeful that they scratch out those itches before the system's launch this Winter 2013. Despite these changes the Ps4 still remains the most popular option as numerous online polls depict, can Microsoft win back some of their user base following their post-E3 mistakes? Hopefully they can, also, let's remain hopeful that the crossfire of wrong information from Microsoft officials ceases to be and they all learn the system's details correctly to avoid confusing the consumers. Moreover, the price of the Xbox One is still higher than Sony's PS4 despite having inferior specs, can Microsoft adjust the price before launch? Only time will tell if these changes happen.

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