GTA:V Is Red Dead Redemption 2.0

Throughout the past few years a single abbreviation has been plaguing gamers' minds like an intrusive fly, I am of course speaking of GTA: V - Rockstar Games' upcoming action adventure, open-world marvel. Since the game's unexpected reveal in the latter quart of 2011, gamers have insistently Rockstar for information on the game - even resorting to boycotting - throughout the cold, information-starved two-year period. With regard to Rockstar Games' previous open-world romp that took on the classic GTA formula of giving the player freedom was 2010's Western-based mounted adventure, Red Dead Redemption. Finally, two months before the game's release gamers were treated with GTA:V gameplay and judging from Rockstar's presentation, GTA:V has taken many tricks from 2010's Game Of The Year.

An Untamed Wilderness, Full Of Wildlife

As shown in the thrilling gameplay premiere, Rockstar Games have added wildlife to a Grand Theft Auto game for the first time. Whether it be in the form of birds, dogs or deer, the number of wild animals in the game is currently unknown, however, judging by Rockstar's track-record the forms of life will vary hugely allowing the player to utilize a different tactic when confronting different forms of wildlife. The first Rockstar Games game to feature such a wide array of natural life was Red Dead Redemption so in this case, this is an area in which Red Dead Redemption impacted upon the final product of GTA:V. 

With regard to the game's wilderness, GTA:V features vast plains spanning for miles, both varied and beautiful. Although this was tackled in GTA: San Andreas, the surroundings in that game felt "hollow" as not only did the game lack wildlife, but the graphics and textures used certainly detracted from the lifelike feel of that game's wildlife due to hardware limitations. Yet again relating this point to Red Dead Redemption, this game was Rockstar's first game to feature such an "alive" environment. There were animals, the trees and grass swayed in the wind, the bushes rustled as animals crept through and the dynamic weather affected the surroundings in different ways. 

Dynamic, Random Missions

Once again, the GTA:V gameplay premiere revealed many secrets of the game which were previously unknown. For example, it revealed GTA Online, it revealed animals, it revealed vehicular customization and i also revealed dynamic missions. The term "dynamic mission" means that the game automatically randomizes certain encounters with certain NPCs in the game's world. Generally being small side-tasks, the dynamic missions help mix-up the gameplay and help add an additional level of immersion to the game's world.

Previously seen - and perfectly executed - in Red Dead Redemption, the dynamic missions made the game feel unique and helped change the game experience to make it feel more alive. Presuming Rockstar have stepped this function up then it'll be superior to the impeccable system seen in Red Dead Redemption. Unless the missions are more unique I don't see how they can improve this, but, if they have done that then it's certain that we're in for an almighty treat! The last GTA game to feature these missions was GTA:IV, but that was very limited as there were a certain number of "random encounters" that spawned randomly throughout the game; they weren't properly random like in RDR, which actually had unknown NPCs request help.

Realistic Ballistics

Another factor originating in Red Dead Redemption is the way in which bodies react to gunfire. Bullet holes are flawlessly left at the point of entry and flesh can be seen protruding from entry-holes in not-so-thick areas of the body (such as the head). As the trailer shows, bullet holes are most certainly confirmed to be accurately mapped on enemies' bodies when shot. This is therefore a feature carried on from Red Dead Redemption that has made a return to GTA:V.

The Small Stuff!

The weapon wheel, bounties, trains and many more features have returned from Red Dead Redemption. This has a huge impact on the gameplay as Rockstar have probably stepped these features up to increase the level of play-ability and make the game feel fresh.

So, why is this Red Dead Redemption version 2.0?

Red Dead Redemption is the very basic version of GTA:V. Why is this a good thing? Red Dead Redemption was a beautifully crafted work of art, a complete package tied together by a single feature: the horse; whether GTA: V is due to include horses is currently a mystery, but if they return then it'll most certainly make our journey among the 'dunes a pleasure as the speed of the horse allows for the full enjoyment of one's surroundings. Sure, it was an incredible game, but GTA:V steps it up in almost every way by adding vehicles, planes, sports sidemissions, modern weaponry, parachutes, refined features, superior graphics, a larger map, multiple characters for the player to select, body art/advanced player customization, vehicular customization, superior multiplayer features, more things to do, statistics which can be improved upon, special abilities aside Red Dead Redemption's "dead eye" slow-motion targeting system, new ways to play (ie: rappelling), a selectable mission approach and many more improvements. Do you see the point I'm trying to make? GTA:V dwarfs the spectacular Red Dead Redemption by adding a host of innovative new feaures that help improve the game in every way possible. Therefore, although very good, Red Dead Redemption can be viewed as a core version of GTA:V - the foundations laid out by Rockstar that helped make GTA:V possible. If you loved Red Dead Redemption then prepare to be amazed. GTA:V looks to be a masterpiece and we at CGUK can't wait to get our hands on it!

If you've seen all of the trailers then it's likely that you'll probably share the same opinion conveyed in this article. The funny thing about GTA:V is that despite being advertised for just shy of two years, the game's first gameplay was showcased two months ago; however, prior to, and post, gameplay release the game has regularly been voted as 2013's most anticipated game which is utterly incredible! GTA:V's pre-launch hype and anticipation is so large that the mighty Hideo Kojima - creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga - even claimed that his upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 can't beat Rockstar Games' baby. Will this game receive perfect 10/10 reviews like it's predecessor? Only time can tell, but from the pre-launch attention the game has received things really are looking that way.