Games Of This Generation That Could've Been Great

Throughout the entirety of the PS3 and XBOX 360's lifetime we've seen hard-hitters such as the critically acclaimed Call Of Duty franchise, slow-burners such as Heavy Rain, juggernaut titles such as Grand Theft Auto: IV and at the back of this list, games that could've been great had they undergone various improvements here and there.


The first nominee spans to the very start of the PS3's lifetime and 1 year into the 360's, Medal Of Honor: Airborne was developed in 2007 and published by EA. Carrying the iconic series' flaming torch, Airborne promised to deliver a new perspective in FPS games with the hopes of re-invigorating the decaying series.

Jumping out of a plane to have complete freedom within the battlefield, it sounds fun, right? Well, to some degree it was, however, the gimmick of allowing the player complete freedom with regard to where they land was a lie. Not only did the parachute have a limited range (which meant it couldn't reach certain parts of the battlefield), but the player would be kicked out of the plane if they spent more than 3 seconds deciding where to  land by analyzing the battlefield. So, a game that promised complete freedom fell short in the very core of its gameplay mechanics - it wasn't off to a good start.

Secondly, Airborne's single-player mode was short, too short. Although they tried to flesh the several missions with up-gradable weapons, multiple difficulties and awards, it just didn't cut it. The limited battlefields and limited range unfortunately eliminated some of this game's re-playability; thus, severing the life of an already short game. The nail in the coffin for Airborne was a handful of technical issues such as framerate issues, poor hit-detection and various glitches such as getting stuck in objects positioned on the floor. Airborne has the ingredients for an incredible game, however, the loose-connection between missions, technical issues and game length eliminated the chances of this game being highly praised. Had the game improved in these areas and added more firearms and maybe spliced up the mission design then it certainly could've been much more than it turned out to be.


Next up on the list, Silent Hill: Downpour, Konami's second shot at revamping the ageing franchise on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Admittedly, Silent Hill: Downpour was a good game, however, critics beg to differ. Both console versions of Downpour were shafted by critics for appalling framerate issues, a "stiff" combat system and little enemy variation - all factors the highly regarded Silent Hill: 2 had mastered. Because the series had passed her high-point by Downpour's launch people grew tired of the same old failed attempt to reignite the dwindling flame; Downpour, however, failed to do that too.

Although Downpour was Vatra Games' first shot at the series, it missed numerous marks that degraded it from being a great title down to being a mediocre title. The technical issues, poor enemy variety, repetitive "chase" sequences and irritating menu were all areas picked up by critics for being bad and had the game's developers looked at these issues when developing the game could've been so much more. Will we see another Silent Hill? It's very likely, but hopefully Konami assign a team with both the creative and technical talent to pull of such an arduous task, afterall, the Silent Hill franchise once was glorious, now, it's the type of game you'd find in bargain bins due to the inconsistent quality of each release and the fact that there is no one developer that produces the series. Since Team Silent left the franchise has been on a steady decline, but, Downpour successfully reintroduced the atmosphere of a Silent Hill game into the mix. It's a shame Vatra Games didn't spend more time on it.

The Saboteur

When I initially got my hands on now-liquidated studio, Pandemic's, The Saboteur, I found myself in awe at the creativity of the game with regard to its storyline and graphical style; however, I only felt that way because I was able to overlook the flaws. The Saboteur had a multitude of damaging flaws that degraded the game from being amazing to a mediocre title, just like the other titles on this list.

The aspects of The Saboteur that predominantly downgraded the game's rating was the driving. Many reviewers shunned the driving claiming it to be "clunky" and for newcomers, this certainly would be the case. The next damaging issue was the audio-related glitches that plagued the game in every situation. For example, the vehicular audio would sometimes inexplicably stop when driving - an annoying glitch to say the least; moreover, most of the guns sounded awful - tin can awful - this further would've damaged the game's experience to reviewers too, further causing them to deduct points from the overall score. Regardless of these flaws, The Saboteur offered a satisfying insight into Nazi-occupied Paris, regardless of some inaccuracies and flaws within the game.

So there you have it, CGUK's first list of games that could've been great. Despite receiving mediocre reviews, all of these games are definitely worth a play through at least once if their genre appeals to you. Afterall, we're at the end of a generation and they're worth next to nothing now. Thanks for reading,
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