Contribute To The Last Of Us Fan Film, Get Your Name In The Credits & More

Around the time of writing a storm of acclaim has hit the Iron-Horse Cinema team following their reveal of "The Last Of Us Fan Film Official" - a shockingly accurate movie-based portrayal of both the setting and characters of the game.

Although the film isn't completed yet, you can make a contribution via IndieGogo - a crowd-funding website - to help feed the actors and ultimately lead them on to their goal of completing the highly-anticipated fan film. Benefits of funding this title range from a digital download to your name on the film's IMBD listing, and even an invitation to any film festivals the film is invited to when finished. The current goal the team wish to reach is $10,000, so if you wish to contribute then head over here (NOTE: this campaign is not live right now) and make a contribution when the project begins.

The Last Of Us is a post-apocalyptic survival game which received extreme levels of praise following its June 2013 release, in fact, the praise was so large that it has been hailed as "the game of the generation" and received straight 9/10s out of 10. Naughty Dog, the developer, were formerly behind the Crash Bandicoot series, the Jak and Daxter series and the unforgettable Uncharted series; all of which have been available exclusive to Sony's Playstation range of home gaming consoles. You can see a scene from the film below, officially uploaded by the team themselves.

This post will be updated when the campaign goes live.


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