Classic Theft Auto Part 1: A Look At What "Made" GTA3

AFTER verging onto Grand Theft Auto: V's cyclopean territory, the best way to embrace the past three years is by reminiscing the past memories of times long gone, and in Rockstar Games' case, the best way in which such an arduous task can be completed is by concisely compacting Rockstar Games' Herculean landscapes into a single article for easy memorial. Prepare to travel from the sordid, gritty backstreets of Liberty City, before venturing into the sunkissed sandy-tides of Vice City to reprise your journey in the bosky paddocks of San Andreas. If anything's clear then it be this, this is a journey of success, prepare to voyage through Rockstar Games' trilogy of triumph: the Grand Theft Auto: III era of games.

As we embark on our journey we arrive in the degenerate mean-streets of Liberty City: a precarious urban jungle simultaneously voted as "America's Worst City". In Liberty City crime soars, the law fails and guerrilla-tacticians carry out flash-attacks on opposing gangs. By no means is this city safe. However, for Claude Speed - a previously arrested bank robber - the city envisions the prospect of hope as in a turn of luck Claude Speed gets a second chance as his prison-transport vehicle is attacked, freeing the prisoners and their morally corrupt minds to the bustling metropolis of Liberty City, and before he knows it, Claude becomes a trident of gang-related violence for he interfuses with the wrong crowds, practically throwing his life on the line for money. Again.

Within hours of ambulating Liberty City's law-sparse walkways, Claude returns to his ways of old as he enters a never-ending game of paid employment in which he performs bedraggled tasks for Liberty City's morally corrupt individuals. Ranging from the empiric "Leone family" mob boss, Salvatore Leone to the auto-finatic, 8-Ball, the people Claude meets are weird and wonderful for the variety in both personality and background was undeniably rich. Regardless of this employment, the real joy came from Liberty City herself. Offering each and every player a bustling playground of diabolical fun, Liberty City was the epitome example of freedom, both unparalleled and unbelievable at the time. The joy offered in GTA3 allowed one to perform the criminal tasks of dreams in a realistic, believable 3D world modeled off America's famous "Big Apple". Furthermore, the plethora of unique radio stations further added to both the realism and degree of freedom offered within Rockstar Games' breathing municipality. How about cruising to Liberty City's radio selection of smooth jazzy vibes? It's up to you.

Stay tuned for the next part in which we embark on a junket to the drug-ridden paradise of Vice City. Thankyou for reading.


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