Announcing Western "Drifter: BLACK STAR"

Hello folks, today I write to share the very first details (and a couple of screenshots) of my upcoming, work-in-progress open-world, western RPG, Western Drifter: Black Star. Taking place in the late 1800's, Black Star marks my entry into the world of game development, and with this game I aim to make a stand-out game due to the unlikely combination of a western setting and an RPG mechanic. During your journeys as Eric, you will encounter odd characters, unique characters, a captivating story, a complete item system (and a currency system which will allow both the buying and selling of goods), a unique world with scenarios ranging from sun-kissed tides of golden sand to luscious forests and an arsenal of lethal weaponry at Eric's disposal. I'm also working on a transport system in the form of horses for quicker travel around the state of Rio Del Lobo - a fictional state made for this game.

With Black Star I aim to tell the story of a gunslinger who can't escape his past, and dependent on your actions your in-game "rank" can range from outlaw to lawman. I'm currently contemplating how exactly the battle-system will be implemented.

Anyway, thankyou for reading, that's all I have for now, be sure to follow my webpage and Twitter account for updates on this project. The expected platforms of release are the PC and possibly Playstation system (if I can work something out).

See you guys soon! This game is fully being developed by myself, Cameron Moore, so expect a steady stream of updates for this title! Follow the development on Twitter @WesternDrifter. From here I will give you regular updates on my game. 

It is currently too early to predict a release date, but as soon as I'm ready it'll be up on the game's Twitter; however, the rate at which thing are going may mean I'll have it done by Christmas as I plan to pack this game with content and multiple choice parts of the game.


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