A Look At The Silent Hill: 2 Special Edition

The front view of the boxart
So, it's that time of the week again - Friday - and in light of my recent completion of Silent Hill: Downpour I decided to revisit one of y favourite game "Special Editions" ever, Silent Hill: 2. Sit back and prepare to journey back in time...

Packaged with a special sticker (there are 4 different types, you only get one with this edition), a "making of" DVD, superior boxart and a slip-sleeve, Silent Hill: 2's special edition comes packed with additional content that would satisfy the newest of fans. 
Silent Hill: 2's special edition is so special in my eyes as it expands the world in which the game has been set. Furthermore, the packaging for this game stands out above the standard edition due to having a slipcase which really separates it from any other edition.

The real source of my love for this special edition comes from my love towards the game. Silent Hill: 2 is one of my favourite games ever, in fact, I still need to replay it after accomplishing it roughly 2 years ago. Despite the game's age it is still within the high-ranks of my top 10 game list of all time. Not only did Silent Hill: 2 master the gameplay perspective, but the storyline within this game was inspiring and constantly left me wanting more.
. Here is the sticker I received

Unfortunately, I believe Silent Hill: 2 hasn't been topped by other entries into the series. I believe this so much that the game that came closest to Silent Hill: 2 in the past decade was probably Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us. Not only did it deliver an intense atmosphere throughout, but it had an incredible story, worthy of an award. To the right you'll see the sticker I received with my copy of the game. This is one of four exclusive stickers that can come with the special edition, as the picture depicts, I have not used it yet.
Here is the game package and slipcase
As time stands there is no confirmed successor to Vatra Game's 2012 attempt at the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Downpour; however, due to the series' success I most definitely expect to see a new entry within the years to come. If this be the case then we can only hope that Konami select a worthy developer to take on the prestigious Silent Hill series. To the right you'll see the outer packaging slipcase and the inner disc-holding game package.

Colored manuals - those were the days

To the right you'll see a page from the manual. Aah, this was made back in the days of color manuals, a rare treat in itself these days! Today manuals are either of the lowest quality or digital. If you're into reading through manuals then the manual of Silent Hill: 2 will certainly be right up your street! It's full of interesting game-related material.

The game disc and special 'Making Of' DVD
To the right you'll see an image of the game disc (left) and 'Making Of' DVD (right). The game has no additional bells or whistles but the 'Making Of' DVD offers an interesting insight into the developers' life whilst making the highly regarded Silent Hill: 2. Since the game is no longer sold new (therefore no profit is made on it) I'll tell you that the special edition's 'Making Of' DVD video can be found on Youtube for free, Lasting roughly 30 minutes, the special DVD is essential to any Silent Hill fanatic - that's right, this cannot be missed if you're a fan.


  1. i ordered mine on ebay and i just realised its supposed to come in a cover. i just got the red fold out thing. but its the game that counts anyway and i agree with you that its a good game, i regard it as my 2nd favorite game underneath fallout: new vegas.

    1. Unfortunate news but at least you have a physical copy. The game is special.