Top 5 Quirks Of Retro Gaming We Secretly Miss

It's no secret that every now and then gamers enjoy donning their rose-tinted glasses to recite the past in all of its nostalgic glory. Whether it be the games, the consoles or essential steps that have since been removed, we all have to admit that it's quite a fun task to carry out. As gaming evolves, so do consoles, the games and the gamers themselves - it's called change and regardless of our efforts to stop it, it's inevitable. With this in mind, I at CGUK decided to recite long-gone aspects of gaming that we all secretly miss - despite having some irritable feature tied in with them. This is the Top 5 Quirks of Retro Gaming.

Wired controllers
Back in the golden days of square sprites representing the player's character, controllers were an essential piece of gaming, however, despite their importance many companies failed to master an ergonomic, aesthetically attractive and functionally pleasing handheld device by which the user controlled the game. With designs ranging from rectangular blocks to circular sweat-orbs, these controllers all shared one thing in common: they all needed a wire. The benefits of such an addition ranged from the controller not needing a battery (in some cases); however, that's where the benefits stop. Personally, I've had enough of wires and wouldn't welcome  them if they were to be integrated into new consoles. Wires got tangled, they limited the player's distance from the TV, they got in the way (I can't count how many times my Mum hoovered my room whilst I sat open-eyed on my PS1 with the wire blocking the hoover's path) and they broke easily. Regardless of these flaws, wired-controllers remain special due the prominence they used to have, therefore, will be remembered optimistically.

Memory cards
Particularly relevant to Playstation consoles, memory cards were an essential accessory if the player wished to continue from where they left off. Without a memory card a death would generally mean exactly that: the player's game is over and due to not saving they must start again. Regardless of these issues memory cards allowed for easy data-transfer from house-to-house - an extremely important aspect of the consoles to children on consoles long gone, for it meant that we could play away from home and show off our character to friends. Although USB sticks can do this today (with much more convenience due to their size), memory cards are a nice blast from the past due to the fun they'd given me. Rather than being an accessory they became an icon; they were with the player at the start of their gaming career and would remain there until the very end.

Game startup video
The next one is a given, to those who experienced retro consoles first-hand, this was the video you saw each and every time you booted-up your games. With a particularly memorable start-up video being from the original Playstation with its atmospheric audio clip and iconic "Playstation" logo, it certainly became a rightfully remembered aspect of retro gaming. Although this is still in practice in specific cases, it's fading out as the speed of a system is a desired feature; thus, in the interests of speed, this has been removed and is further being removed to this day.

Taking the disc out & the game will work
Yet again referring to "retro" Playstation systems, an interesting feature of these systems was the ability to take the disc out and continue playing from where the game was. Although this stopped working when the player accessed a scene that required a load, it was a nice insight into the future of gaming and ultimately foreshadowed the digital gaming revolution that PC gamers had fondly embraced for years.

Instant 2-player
Yet again making reference to SNES-era systems and beyond, a unique aspect of certain games (such as fighting games) was the ability to jump into multiplayer without any strings attached. Generally requiring the 2nd controller to press the "START" -or equivalent - button, this offered quick, instant pleasure to gamers wanting to play with a friend. Moreover, the benefits of such an act generally made the game easier which arguably laid the foundations of COOP multiplayer games we have today.

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