The Ultimate MiniGuide To Mastering Agent 47

Don't even bother trying firearms
The Hitman series, arguably one of the most attention seeking games made in the modern gaming scene. Whether it be the perfect execution of a mission or mastering the timing, Hitman: Codename 47 right through to Hitman: Absolution all require a considerable amount of effort in order to overcome the games' challenges on the hardest difficulty. Be warned, this journey will be tough, you will need to master 47's skills and his environments. You will need to memorize your enemies' routes and time every move to the second. You will need to become Agent 47 himself. Whether you need help in the series' first game or the the latest addition, this mini-guide has been specifically tailored to help you master Codename 47 in every Hitman game. Be warned, this will not be easy infact, expect it to be effing hard. Only attempt to complete a Hitman game on the highest difficulty if you're absolutely confident with it. If not then you're in for one hell of a time - and I don't mean in a positive way. Hitman: 2, I'm looking at you.

Tip 1: 

The first step you must take in order to master Agent 47 is through the memorization of missions. Yes, this sounds cliche, but on the hardest difficulties Agent 47 has no saves as reassurance, therefore, you can either nab a disguise and analyse your surroundings OR replay the mission through on lower difficulties in order to get a rough perspective on what to expect on higher difficulties. It will be very rare that you'll complete a mission on its first attempt and get 'Silent Assassin' when on 'Professional' difficulty.

Tip 2:

Time it to the millisecond
Time and time again I've made this mistake and regret doing it. Hitman games require patience. In order to overcome the highest difficulties I highly advise you minimalize the number of risks you take. Feeling uncertain about killing somebody due to their position? Don't do it. In every Hitman game the AI characters follow a constantly repeated path. Although this may double the time spent on a mission, it is by far the safest, surest way for you to complete a mission and get 'Silent Assassin'.

Tip 3:

Avoid guns. Unless absolutely necessary, I highly advise you forget guns completely. The reasons for this strange tactic range from: missing your target - this may expose 47; making too much noise - this may alert another NPC to your location; it may impact your assassin rating - Blood Money in particular, firing unnecessary bullets (and even using a bullet at all) will instantly decrease your rank to a lower one. On Hitman 2 and Contracts this rule partly applies. In these games you're allowed 3 points before being reduced to the 'professional' rank. Points are used by doing the following: firing a bullet takes up 1 point and killing a non-target NPC takes up 1.5 points. If you do not exceed this limit then you'll be absolutely fine, in the meantime, closely consider this allowance and fire bullets only when necessary. With regard to killing NPCs to take their clothes, use the sedative. Yes, they'll eventually wake up but it'll give you a chance to get the 'Silent Assassin' rank. Do not get seen either, this will eradicate the chances of getting a 'Silent Assassin' rank when related to the point system.
Leave the guns... at home?

Tip 3:

Stay as far away from any NPCs (non-playable characters) as you can. Especially in Hitman: 2 and Absolution, this will help you maintain your disguise and reduce the chances of being caught. I cannot stress this enough. Wait for enemy cycle paths to pass you then move if necessary, especially in Hitman: 2 as the AI is brutally unforgiving.

Obvious stuff:

  • Use silencers
  • Sneak when in forbidden areas
  • Always hide bodies
  • Stick to the fiber wire excluding times that absolutely require a firearm.

So there you go. I hope this guide helped you, it has been comprised of my knowledge from (almost) 10 years of playing Hitman games. Furthermore, I've mastered every Hitman on the highest difficulty so I hope these tips came across as useful to you.

If you stick to this guide you'll keep the detectives at bay

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