Show Your Hype For GTA:V - Join The San Andreas Marathon

Calling all hardcore GTA players!
I write today in order to inform you of one of the craziest, most absurd activities one can possibly do in the world of San Andreas. That's right! Today I write with the hopes of gaining your company in the San Andreas Marathon - San Andreas' complete run across the whole island! We welcome you to join us - and to try and beat our time of 29 minutes (EB course) - in an epic, whale-sized marathon spanning from Bayside to Santa Maria Pier; that's right, this covers the whole island, one side to the other. That's just the easy route, to the right you'll see a video of our progress in the "Early Bird" course. If you want more than that (and to be the record holder), we recommend you attempt the never-before done "Master's Endurance" course!

The purpose of this is to show Rockstar how much we love their old games, their new games and to say a final goodbye to San Andreas before GTA:V inevitably consumes the majority (if not all) of our gaming time. If that's not enough motivation, then why not do it for charity?

Feel free to enter by recording your run and uploading it onto Youtube. Moreover, share this and let's get #SaMarathon trending on Twitter. The runs you may take follow below:

Early Bird Special 

Master's Endurance


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