Playstation Exclusive "Agent" To Debut On PS4; E3 2013 Reveal?

Since the game's confirmation in mid-2009, Rockstar Games' Playstation exclusive "Agent" has been mysteriously concealed for years without any word on the game's state; moreover, nobody knows whether or not "Agent" is still in development! However, with the PS4 expected to launch at the end of 2013, could we be nearing "Agent"'s reveal?

Rockstar Games have had their fair share of the media's attention in recent months thanks to the craved blowout of GTA:V related information. Despite GTA:V launching this September, the chances of an "Agent" reveal are fairly high thanks to the upcoming gaming event, E3 2013. Expected to make an appearance are various PS4 games, possibly "Agent", but the likelihood of a PS3 launch is getting smaller and smaller each day. With the last batch of AAA PS3 exclusives coming out in the months to follow (with more to be announced at E3 before the developers make the transition over to the PS4), it is possible that the PS3's support will begin to diminish as the PS4 steps into the mixture; thus, it can be predicted that Rockstar's mysterious title will make the switch from PS3 to PS4 (assuming it already hasn't done so).

On the other hand, with GTA:V in the pipeline, it is possible that Rockstar Games will conceal "Agent" until V is done and dusted - by which point the PS4 will be out in stores near you; this acts as a further piece of evidence that "Agent" will miss an E3 2013 reveal and be shown at a later time, after GTA:V's launch.

Whatever Rockstar chose to do we're bound to hear some news regarding "Agent" after GTA:V is out (possibly even before as Sony are receiving high expectations for this E3)

The presence of the game's logo reminds us that R* hasn't forgot.


  1. im sorry but i have read agent was actually codename for la noire

  2. Look fool, R* NEVER reveal ANYTHING at E3, they are NEVER at E3 and they won't be there this year either! They don't even have a booth! Call yourself a journalist, you should be fucking ashamed you bloody idiot, you're just talking shit without having a damn clue!! And @Hunter - I'm sorry but, you're also an idiot! Agent was NEVER a codename for L.A. Noire!! You really have got to be fucking stupid to believe that horseshit! LA Noire was demoed LOOOOOONNGGGG before Agent was even mentioned! Get a fucking clue - THE BOTH OF YOU!!

  3. Shut ur fucking mouth u lil stupid bitch who cares reguardless the game ain't coming out

  4. First off, don't get angry because you are stupid, do something about it - try not believing bullshit written on internet, and 2nd, no one but Sony and R* know if the game is coming out, not you moron! If you don't care, why did you bother to comment!?

  5. Maybe Agent would be revealed on the Sony mainstage. Not likely if there is no booth for it but why wouldn't there be for a console release event. Even Alienware will be there and who fucking cares about them unless they are ready to blow our fucking minds with a third console surprise with like 10 exclusives. No, but seriously, if Rockstar is gonna show their bloody faces in a bloody assed booth it will be at the E3 2013 Console Bukake.

    Truly yours
    The Bloody USA