Passing Time! Ps Mobile Review

Released in May 2013, Passing Time is one of the most unique games to embrace Playstation Mobile's free SDK kit. Based around a football game, Passing Time! steps up the traditional formula by introducing an intuitive control scheme powered only by touch, so, does this adverse control introduction prove to be successful or fall flat in achieving its goal?

 Graphically, Passing Time! fairly average, however, the Vita's OLED screen draws the vibrance out from formerly dull graphics. That's right, Passing Time! looks aged, but the OLED screen draws the best from the game's aesthetics and splices easy-going graphics with an attractive retro look. Passing Time!'s graphics are brilliant and if this was one a platform on any other than the Vita then it arguably wouldn't look as good.

The controls of Passing Time - as mentioned before - are entirely based on touch control. This means you'll be touching the screen to shoot, tackle and even navigate menus. Sound confusing? Nope, it is easy to understand and handle; infact, the controls make the IOS-style game 10x more fun due to the characters running in their own path. Although this sounds restricting, it helps the game find itself because it allows the player to focus on tactics and have an easy level of accessibility - this game can be played anywhere at anytime thanks to the simple controls.

The gameplay of Passing Time! is exactly as you'd expect it to be. The characters follow their own path and it's up to the player to dictate and manipulate the ball's passage in order to reach the opposition's goal. Rather than Fifa, Passing Time! plays very much like a Football Manager game with clear examples of inspiration being taken from Fifa. Passing Time! allows the player to design, rename and edit their own team - this is very much like a watered down version of Fifa: Ultimate Team as it helps the player adapt to the competition, however, unlike Ultimate Team, Passing Time! lacks multiplayer.

The sound of Passing Time! yet again showcases the game's brilliant design. Sounding crisp, clear and immersive, Passing Time!'s cheers, ball contact sounds and whistle sounds all sound as if they're fully uncompressed, high quality sound files! This is certainly a positive aspect of the game.

Offering a complete 'League' mode, a kickabout mode in which the ball has to be passed around the circle and kept away from the opposing team an a 'freeplay' mode, Passing Time! certainly has a wealth of content available which adds to the playtime thus juicing the game of its value and leaving the player with a higher sense of gratification after buying the product.

Weighing in at 44mb for £1.99 in the UK, Passing Time! offers excellent value for money and a difficult degree of fun to match on the Ps Mobile store; moreover, Passing Time has various modes which offer a great level of replayability so the player can too their high score. If you're looking for a brand new Indie game then make sure it's Passing Time! additionally, the retro-esque, simplistic graphical style adds a sense of nostalgie to the game which will appease both core and hardcore gamers.   I give Passing Time! an 8/10. The only place in which this game falls short is with AI. This is because the player paths can irritate (as sometimes they run too far away from the goal) and the players sometimes are on the other end if the pitch when the opposition are storming towards the player's goal.
Despite these flaws,  Passing Time! certainly deserves a place on your Playstation Vita's memory stick!

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