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Tomb Raider on the Vita 
Since its launch in December 2012 the Playstation Vita has been highly regarded as gaming's most advanced handheld system. Although some people argue that the Vita is currently in a "gaming drought" they couldn't be any more wrong. Not only has the Playstation Vita got a rich offering of quality Indie games and Vita games, but it also has some of gaming's most popular classics such as Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill - all of which can be purchased from the conveniently mapped Playstation Store. Today we wish to focus on this aspect of the Playstation Vita and why the Playstation Vita is the superlative way to enjoy your favourite games of an age gone.

Unlike its well-received predecessor, the PSP, the Playstation Vita has a rear and front touchpad which have the ability to map any button to an area of the screen; thus, this eradicated the control restrictions that plagued the PSP which allows the player to properly enjoy the game due to having the exact control layout to how it was on the PS1. Not only does this add ease but it also adds comfort as buttons won't have to be removed (through the custom mapping feature) to suit a more important one. Furthermore, the Playstation Vita allows custom controls. Unlike the PS3 (this was however present in the PSP), the player can fully resign any button to one of their choice - including the touchscreen - which allows the player to tailor the controls to their liking (make them replicate a modern game if you like) and as mentioned before, add the controls (L2, R2, L3 and R3) that were previously missing from the PSP due to control limitations. Genius.

The next important feature to PS1 enthusiasts available on the Vita that can't be done with the PS3 or on PS1 emulators is the ability to take the games anywhere. Although this comes across as obvious, the Vita allows you to access a "pick up & play" style as the Vita allows the player to play at home, put the system on standby then pick the game up at the same point when on a bus or away from home. It is features such as this that make the system oh so satisfying and really enforce the sense that the Vita was worth every penny. What adds to this is the fact that the Vita games are digital, This eliminates the need for fiddly cartridges and grants the user instant access to their complete library of Playstation games which further adds to the sense of ease one may feel from playing said games on the system.

Another significant advantage offered by the Vita is the inclusion of the OLED screen. Such a feature really brings PS1 games to life by revealing their vibrancy and leaves them looking spectacular. What's more? The Vita's screen resolution is smaller than the average TV - the device generally used to play Playstation games. This makes the games look sharper due to pixels not being stretched in order to accomodate a larger screen. Therefore, the Vita not only makes Playstation games look more colourful, but it also slightly increases their sharpness. Obviously the Vita doesn't make the games look better than an emulator (the Vita doesn't alter the resolution from the native one), but for a Playstation device it is the absolute best way to enjoy Playstation classics on the bus, in the car, on the plane or at home while you're relaxing quietly.

The final reason may come across as obvious, but it certainly satisfies the avid Playstation fan when in need of a new classic title. The Playstation Store offers almost instant access to an abundance of classic games. Although one must endure the sometimes slow download speed, the Playstation Store allows the customer to easily enlarge their collection at mostly cheap prices (Crash Bandicoot 1 for £3.99$5.99 anybody?) and then play them on a large screen to enjoy the splitscreen component with a friend by copying the game over to their PS3. Not only does this reduce the costs of sometimes expensive physical copies, but it offers a user-friendly way to access the digital library of one of gaming's most-remembered consoles due to an array of innovative new features it brought to the table which weren't available on consoles prior to the PS1.

So there you have it, if you have't got yourself a Playstation Vita and still enjoy Playstation classics then the Vita itself comes highly recommended by CenturyGamingUK.

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