Why The Playstation Vita Has Already Succeeded

After launching to a bumpy start in February 2012, the Playstation Vita has seen some hits (Gravity Rush, Uncharted & LittleBigPlanet being memorable examples) and an equal share of misses (DRM, Call Of Duty: BO:D & a very basic remote play compatibility list); but despite the Vita's balanced share of positives and negatives, by the way in which the console is currently flowing, it is up for a very, very successful future.

Japan's Success & Positive Sales Figures...

The first sign of increasing success can be seen in the Vita's success in Japan after receiving a significant price cut. Following the console's generous discount in Japan this February, the console has seen an impressive boost in sales (4x of what they previously were) thus proving the console can be a success assuming the price is at the right point. However, the only flaw to this price cut is the region in which it was put into action in; Japan - unless Sony extend the parameters of the price cut to Europe and America then the Vita won't truly reach its utmost potential in terms of sales figures around the globe.

In addition to impressive hardware sales, a certain, small selection of the Vita's library has exceeded 600,000 total sales; despite not knowing the exact sales figures, Ubisoft, publisher of Vita smash-hit, Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, has broken the silence and stated that their title had exceeded 600,000 sales this February - a very impressive feat indeed!

Cross-Compatibility; What's To Come In the Vita's Future...

February 20th 2013 marked an iconic day for both the upcoming Playstation 4 and the smaller but superb Playstation Vita. Although the PS4 stole the show (due to the event being based around the PS4's reveal), the PS Vita also took a share of the spotlight thanks to fantastic ways in which it can be connected with the PS4. Despite being unavailable on the PS3, Sony promised that the Playstation Vita will fully support the PS4 in regards to the Remote Play function; the ability to stream PS4 games onto the Vita - a technical feat indeed! If true (and Sony weren't blowing hot air), this could be one of the Vita's primary selling points in years to come. Not only will the inclusion of such a feature increase the ways in which we can enjoy our favourite games, but it will also squeeze every penny out of the systems which ultimately will lead to a higher amount of gratification one could receive from using both products in such a way.

Although promised with the PS3 (and still not done), the PS4 was supposedly built from the ground-up with Vita to PS4 compatibility in mind. The care of such a deed should help the Remote Play function be as smooth as possible which once again leads to a better experience, the need to play in such a way and a higher amount of overall gratification. With regards to the PS3 and Remote Play, the feature is currently available with a minority of games (or every game if you have a hacked PS3), despite the current library of compatible games working perfectly, it is possible that the function will work even better with the PS4 thanks to new technology and the connection Sony made between each console whilst creating the PS4.

The promised Remote Play functionality on the PS4 will break the boundaries of console gaming by proving it can be done by anywhere and anyone. No longer will be isolated in our sitting rooms as we play, the attraction of Remote Play will attract PS4 players to the Vita and vice-versa. However, the best part is that it'll add another feature to the Vita thus helping it branch out into the hands of a larger amount of gamers. Remote Play with the PS4 has the power to become Vita's golden egg this time next year, let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

The Indie Market...

A rising star in terms of the Vita's potential is the way in which Indie developers have began supporting the system despite its current "acceptable" global standard of sales. With a multitude of Indie games coming to, and already available on the Ps Vita (including hits such as Haunt The House, Machinarium, Lone Survivor and many more great titles available via the PS Mobile store), it becomes clear to see that an area of strength of the Vita's is the support it has been receiving from Indie developers.

Offering fresh, cheap and colourful gaming experiences, the rich offering of Indie titles available on the Vita is growing daily. Want a horror game? Try Lone Survivor. How about a puzzle game? Try Machinarium. Hopefully you're starting to understand this point and feel motivated to support the Vita's developing Indie movement. Regardless of the Vita's generous Indie offering, the way in which Sony have been responding to it is nothing short of abysmal. With renowned Indie developers reporting a shocking 1,000 sales via the PSM store the problem is not the consumers, but the people in charge - Sony. Unless Sony spear awareness for the newly released PS Mobile store then the Vita's Indie movement will diminish to the point of no return. Come on Sony, you can do this, the majority of Vita owners probably don't have a clue what the PSM store is - that is an issue that needs addressing.

The Confirmed Future...

Killzone: Mercenary! Soul Sacrifice! Possibly another Assassin's Creed game! The Vita's upcoming lineup of games isn't the most dilute lineup, but it sounds fantastic! Killzone: Mercenary offers a near-console experience on a handheld console - a developing strength of the Vita as previously proven with AC3: Liberation and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Also, the year is young and we yet have to experience the likes of gaming expos such as E3 and GamesCom; the #1 location for the year's lineup of unannounced games. If we're lucky, E3 2013 will bless the Vita with a wealth if meaty titles which will only add to the Vita's userbase - especially during the follow-up to Christmas.

An optimistic outlook upon the future...

Not only does the Vita have a healthy lineup of games to come, but it also has a rich roster of quality games available right now. With offerings that would suit the most hardcore retro, Indie, modern or casual gamer, the Vita's current library of games is fantastic to say the least. Do you want to play some classic games? Head over to the PS Store and enjoy the vast selection of PS1, NEO GEO and PSP games, available at the users' fingertips. How about the latest, hottest games? Simply head over to your local game shop or use the Playstation Store. Now that you can see that Sony has built upon the accessibility of the System, the ways in which we can enjoy the system have greatly increased. Therefore, thanks to the ease of access the system has a basis for success if Sony make the right moves in the near future.
Playstation Vita, here's to a bright future, hopefully the foundations you've set aid your future success.

Long Live Play.
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