Top 4 Franchise Comebacks Of This Generation

Gaming, whether it be a hobby, a guilty pleasure or an addiction, we have all been affected by gaming in some way or another. With gaming having a long, lustrous history, it comes as no surprise that a certain group of unique game franchises have completely stepped-up their game and taken the industry by storm during some point in their lifetime. Predominantly focusing on franchise turn-arounds seen during this generation (XBOX 360 and PS3), be prepared to gasp, wonder and predict the outcome of the top 4 franchise comebacks of this generation,

Call Of Duty.

In the years prior to 2007, the Call Of Duty franchise excelled in delivering the consumer with a realistic, gritty taste of the life of a soldier in the Second World War; however, it became abundantly obvious that with each release, the series began to lose it's appeal. An injection of life was needed, a re-imagining of the series was compulsory if it were to succeed. Come 2007, the world was taken by storm. The decaying series received the much needed change it had pleaded for since Call Of Duty: 3.

Game Of The Year - a well deserved victory.
Call Of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare proved to be a a breakthrough in modern gaming. Not only did it revolutionise online gaming, but it successfully slipped away from the threshold of a WWII setting - an overused setting at the time that plagued the market left, right and centre. Due to the change, Call Of Duty no longer appealed to a niche market. Instead, it had men, women, adults and children battling it out together online for total domination in pursuit of the iconic 10th Prestige status. The result of which changed gaming into a social pastime for the average Joe - a barrier gaming had struggled to overcome for decades which introduced many negative stereotypes.

Call Of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare showed gamers that gaming could be for everyone. It is that factor alone that gives the Call Of Duty series a place on this list due to the changes brought into the market with Call Of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare. The joy of progression helped glue its millions of players to their screens for it made the player crave and savour progression which only aided its success as once the sweet tang of success was smelt, gamers couldn't get enough.

To this day, Call Of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare's success still radiates throughout the videogame market. After Call Of Duty: 4's transition into modern times practically eliminated WWII games, it is evident that Call Of Duty: 4's success has recreated the status of the FPS market as seen at the end of the PS2 era. No longer do we see FPS games set in WWII, but the other way around. Could we see another FPS game have an impact upon the market as large as Call Of Duty: 4 did in 2007? Only time will tell.

Despite being milked for all its worth, the Call Of Duty series still runs strong in the gaming industry but without the initial and prolonged success of Call Of Duty: 4, the face of gaming would be completely different to the way we see it today.

Just Cause

Starting its life as a shamelessly poor Grand Theft Auto knock-off, the changes introduced into Just Cause: 2 helped define it from its predecessor and quickly helped it turn into one of the largest, most creative sandbox/open world games available in gaming.

As bizarre as it seems, the game actually encourages such activity.
Released in March 2010, Just Cause: 2 marked the knock-off series' debut on what used to be next-gen consoles. And with this release Just Cause: 2 captured the hearts and minds of gamers, caused the gaming media to rave about how vast the game was and also inspired gamers such as you and I to believe that the impossible actually is possible. Not only did Just Cause: 2 step up its game from the title's predecessor, Just Cause, but it also gave the iconic Grand Theft Auto series a run for its money by introducing a mindblowingly large world, never before seen in a game of this type.

In addition to the utterly incredible sandbox in which the player was granted complete access to, Just Cause: 2 also introduced a collection of brand new tools the player could use during their time in the game's fictional island, Panau. Ranging from a a hideously fun stunt parachute, to crazy weaponry and a completely-unique grapple-hook which allowed for easy movement around the vast plains of Panau, Just Cause: 2 introduced several new features to the genre and revolutionised the way in which sandbox games are now viewed. No longer did sandbox games have to rely on a strong storyline to achieve success because Just Cause: 2 demonstrated that with the right tools and environment, sandbox games can be enjoyed for the world in which they're set rather than a story to keep the player interested.

One of the most important aspects of Just Cause: 2 helped pinpoint the game's area of strength thanks to the variety and absolute joy this particular area offered the player; I am of course speaking of the vehicles of Just Cause: 2. Spanning from heavily-armed, deadly attack-helicopters, civilian modes of travel, lightning-fast jets planes to crazy modes of transport such as monster-trucks, a hovercraft and even an ice-cream truck, Just Cause: 2 showed gamers how sorely missed air transport was in the previously released Grand Theft Auto: 4 - the acclaimed and widely accepted crown-holder of sandbox games.

Tomb Raider

Beginning its legacy on the original Playstation, the iconic heroine eventually branched out onto a larger degree of consoles all of which aided Lara's ascension across different forms of media such as film, comic books and even a clothing range. If one thing is clear, it is that Lara Croft's presence made its mark on a variety of media formats, including gaming.. However, approaching this generation, Lara's games took a hit. What started with abysmal games on the Ps2(TR:AOD) followed with a sketchy, inconsistent roster of games in Lara's lineup. By this point it was obvious that the initial appeal of Lara Croft was diminishing.

The brand new Lara Croft, my oh my, how she's changed.
With the introduction of once next-gen consoles (now current gen: Ps3 and Xbox 360), Lara reappeared in Tomb Raider: Underworld; a painfully mediocre title in the franchise with nothing that made it truly stand out as some previous entries into the franchise had previously done. For the developers, this was it. They knew that if Lara Croft was going to make it out alive from the rapidly evolving video game market, changes had to be made. It was from this that the developers decided to change the traditional formula; it was time to reboot Lara Croft.

Come March 2013 and the time had come. Lara was ready to bravely fight it out in her new form and with the series' thunder backing her up, the title was a success. Receiving 8/9s out of 10 from prestigious video game reviewers prove the series has taken the right direction for it became clear that Lara's latest outing was superior to her previous adventures which received 6/7s out of 10. Because of this rapid transformation Lara Croft deserves a place in this lengthy list.

Lara Croft's 2013 reboot not only reignited the spark that once danced in the series' heart, but it also introduced the series to what it should've been at the start of this generation; a series based on the environment as much as it is based on the essence of survival. This is Tomb Raider.


Assassin's Creed, another one of gaming's heavyweight contenders. Despite the series' outstanding success in today's market, the series had somewhat of a bumpy start due to not knowing what it is. Furthermore, the stretched-out repetition that plagued the first game left a bitter-sweet taste in the players of the first games mouths. Sweet due to the joy of success, the zest of a perfect assassination and the beauty of the surrounding cities. But bitter because of the repetition that swamped the original's magic. Despite its areas of strength, the original Assassin's Creed was deemed a let-down for it offered no real change pace-wise throughout.

                    Requiescat In Pace, Ezio.
Following the bumpy start, the series made a return with the successor to 2007's medieval romp, Assassin's Creed: II. By this point, the developers' motives and aspirations for the series became clear. No longer was the series a game that focused on gameplay - oh no! Assassin's Creed: II injected the much-needed dose of life into the stagnant series and it was that factor alone that helped transform the underdog of gaming into the drug-fuelled juggernaut we know it as today.

Assassin's Creed: II moved away from the restraints of the 1100s and jumped ahead by 400 years in which we were introduced to the charming, athletic and determined respectable young man we now know as Ezio Auditore. Moreover, Assassin's Creed: II portrayed the beauty of Vince during the Renaissance - with beautiful architecture, paintings and landscapes, the world in which Assassin's Creed: II was nothing more than a dreamt-up utopia of magic and glory.

Assassin's Creed: II also hugely enhanced the storyline of the Assassin's Creed series. By adding more juice, personality and meat to the formula - the parts everybody loved - Assassin's Creed: II succeeded in revamping the series which ultimately helped it grow into the cash-spewing ape we know it as today.

The successful formula created by Assassin's Creed: II survives to this day! 4 years later we see the Assassin's Creed franchise as one up their with the roaringly successful Call Of Duty franchise. What began as a fairly niche series expanded its foundations across the single and multiplayer fronts which helped the franchise reach the grandeur it has today. Assassin's Creed 2, thankyou for existing.

So there you have it, did you expect what you saw and were there any series I may have missed out from this list? Whatever your perspective, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to respond and give you my opinion on any comments you may leave.
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