The Top 5 Playstation Classics On The Ps Store

The Playstation 1's legacy was nothing short of phenomenal. Proving that gaming could be enjoyed by adults, children and teens, the variety of games available for the system helped consolidate the system's presence for years to come. Even to this day the PS1's enjoyment is still experienced and services such as the Playstation Store help revive once-lost memories. Sit back, relax and grab yourself a drink as you prepare to find out the best Playstation classics available on the Playstation Store right now!


It's a shame I don't have a cardboard box...
Metal Gear Solid, hailed to be the greatest game ever made by thousands of gamers across the globe, the success it received was down to a intricate combination of story, and gameplay-based elements. The real success to MGS was not the attractive graphics, but the enticing fusion of stealth-action and open-ended combat, all at the players' disposal. Unlike other games on this list, Metal Gear Solid combined a satisfying cocktail of an engaging storyline and gripping gameplay to create the perfect, movie-like experience, even if the graphics didn't reflect this due to limitations of the time.

The basic storyline to Metal Gear Solid is that Snake - the protagonist - has been sent to the seemingly abandoned Shadow Moses island; a fictional desolate island in which the entire and is set. Instantly the player is thrown into the heat of the combat as Snake leaves the safety of his submarine for the chilling embankments of Shadow Moses island.

Upon arrival, the player has access to few supplies and has to adapt by discovering addition ailments vital to survival; these may range from firearms to health-restoring 'rations'.

MGS1's menu - a classic icon of gaming
The truly attractive aspect of Metal Gear Solid was the experience for it offered a brand new perspective upon what games could be. Metal Gear Solid's success is clear to see because it spawned a series of sequels, spinoffs and merchandise. You can continue the Metal Gear Solid saga in the latest entry due out very soon, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes: a title presumably available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and possibly the Wii U. Ground Zeroes marks the series' first full outing on consoles not made by Sony (excluding the HD trilogy and GameCube-exclusive MGS1 remake, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes). The series' extension onto a greater amount of consoles reflects the developed success lit by Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation.

You can download Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation from the Playstation Network's store worldwide. Available for £7.99/$9.99, Metal Gear Solid is an unforgettable adventure compatible on the PS3, PS Vita and PSP; this is an iconic title that shouldn't be missed!


The first zombie to be seen in the series.
Released in 1997, the original Resident Evil thrilled gamers worldwide with its chilling shock-elements and difficult yet addicting gameplay mechanics. Upon release, Resident Evil introduced gamers to a new front of gaming, it mixed an elaborate item collection system with a satisfying, interesting take on exploration. In short, Resident Evil was a revolutionary masterpiece. However, just before the release of Resident Evil: 2 - the sequel to 1997's Resident Evil - a "DIRECTOR's CUT" of Resident Evil was released which added multiple unseen camera-angles, new difficulty modes and additional goodies for the people that strive for 100% completion.

The core element of Resident Evil was survival; therefore, your main focus was to survive. On top of that, the player had to navigate through the abandoned mansion, rife with undead entities. In order to survive the horror, one had to conserve ammo, health-restoring herbs, fine keys, crack puzzles and keep an eye on the ink-ribbon count - the collectible item that allowed the player to save; without them you couldn't save, adding to the suspense.

A particularly memorable aspect of Resident Evil was the voice acting. Rather than being strongly performed by the actors, the voice acting was downright laughable. Remember "Jill sandwich" said by Barry Burton? That is one of the game's most memorable lines which marks the pinnacle of bad voice-acting in games. Despite being a horror game, the voice acting blemishes the affect made by the chilling atmosphere.

Resident Evil remains a masterpiece because it was the first of its kind and crafted the path on which the survival horror genre in general would strive to dominate. Looking at today's games it becomes clear how Resident Evil made its mark, the item collection system is still there - a feature made popular in the genre by Resident Evil - furthermore, additions such as bonus costumes and weapons began in Resident Evil (in the survival horror genre). If you wish to relive the horror feel free to download Resident Evil: DIRECTOR's CUT from the Playstation Store for £7.99/$9.99.


"Is anyone there?"
Following the immensely successful launch of Resident Evil 1 and 2 on the original Playstation, Konami decided to take a bite of the cake with Silent Hill, a survival horror title released in 1999. Unlike Resident Evil, Silent Hill focused on a psychological evil rather than what the player could see; this was achieved through the use of dimly lit, desolate rooms, a hauntingly tense soundtrack, unexpected sound cues and stomach-curling monster design. Not only did Silent Hill take Resident Evil's formula and added to it, but many claim it topped Resident Evil - the pioneer of the modern survival horror game.

Silent Hill took place in an American holiday resort named Silent Hill (surprise!), and the plot of the game is to locate and safely return home Harry Mason's daughter, Cheryl, who goes missing at the game's inception following a horrific car crash; however, against Harry's expectations, the town of Silent Hill stands in his way in achieving this goal through the use of shockingly wretched monsters, obstacles which Harry must face in order to reach the sanctity of Cheryl in order to return her to safety.

Similarly, Silent Hill incorporated an item-collection system reminisent to that seen in Resident Evil; however, Silent Hill's item system strayed from that of Resident Evil by removing the carry-limit. This however didn't affect gameplay because the atmosphere in Silent Hill was dark enough to be able to stand-alone without an additional layer on the players' mind. Moreover, Silent Hill focused on melee weapons more-so than firearms whereas Resident Evil's primary choice of wepaonry was firearms. In Silent Hill ammo was scarce, therefore, the player had to compensate by carefully making the decision whether to attack a certain enemy with their trusty pistol or the pipe they found two blocks ago - this certainly added a tactical side to Silent Hill as it meant that the player could suffer with difficulty now or later on in the game. Another area in which Silent Hill took inspiration from the Resident Evil series was by the way in which the player was supposed to replenish health. Rather than different coloured herbs (as seen in Resident Evil 1/2), the player had the option to use the much more appropriate range of medical goods such as a health drink or an ampuole - presumably filled with health-retrieving nutrients.

In short, Silent Hill took the classic formula of Resident Evil but exceeded it in terms of what it had to offer by adding a longer story mode, adding additional elements and creating one of the most unsettling environments ever seen in gaming. Silent Hill is a gem that shouldn't be missed, so be sure to download it for your PS3, PS Vita or PSP from the Playstation Store for £5.49/$9.99.


The sun-kissed highways of Miami were great fun to cruise down!
Reflections Interactive's 1999 action-vehicular title threw the player into the shoes of John Tanner - an undercover police officer - who slips behind the wheel multiple times in daringly dangerous tasks in order to gain the complete trust of a crime-syndicate boss. Unsurprisingly Driver was extremely successful, what was designed to mimic 70's car-flicks proved to be a commercial success as the game received two prestigious awards for its jazzy, fast-paced soundtrack, intricately designed cities and unique car handling.

Driver gave the player the choice of four cities to complete missions in, or simply explore. Ranging from Miami, San Fransisco, Chicago and even New York, each city offered a different sandbox in which the player could explore via the 'take a ride' option from the main menu. At the time Driver stood out from the crowd, this is because due to being 3D - and not a top-down view as seen in the early Grand Theft Auto games, Driver's competition - the game stood out and can be called the father of modern sandbox games due to pioneering a massive 3D world in which the player could explore via car.

Unfortunately for Driver, the game doesn't receive half of the credit that it truly should. With games such as Grand Theft Auto: III on the Playstation 2 perfecting Driver's formula, it comes as no surprise why Driver is generally avoided in topics regarding important releases. Regardless of Driver's attention the game is as playable now as it was 10 years ago. Whether your after a quick burst of snappy car chases (available under an option in the main menu), unabridged free roam or highly-intense story-based levels, Driver has an awful lot to offer to the driving nut.

At the time Driver also introduced an innovative "Film Director" mode: a mode in which the player could record a car chase then replay it, add some camera-effects, save it or make a movie from their own recordings. This feature was a hugely positive aspect to the game as it allowed players to not only experience action seen in 70's car-chase movies, but they could also relive it and make it look like an actual film. This mode certainly added an additional layer to the game because it evolved from being about fun to being about creating the most thrilling recordings possible, just like what was seen in the movies this game was based around. The success of the original Driver game helped spawn the sequel, Driver: 2, more entries such as Driver: 3, Driver: 76 and a remake, Driver: San Fransisco!

In a nutshell Driver was an incredible game. The player could recreate a 70's car chase movie, experience the thrill of driving around a fully 3D open-world or simply enjoy the detailed storyline. Furthermore, unlike other developers, the city of Newcastle was also a secret city that players could explore through the use of a GAMESHARK or similar device. The inclusion of Newcastle was due to it being Reflections Interactive's home; how cool is that?! Whatever your verdict, Driver is a game that should be experienced by everyone. With regards to the Playstation Network, this classic can be picked up for a mere £3.99/$5.99 - now you have no excuse to miss it! What's more, it can be enjoyed on the PS3, PS Vita and PSP! So what're you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!


PETA? Where are you?
The fifth and final game on this list comes as no surprise, Tomb Raider; the game that changed the way in which gaming was commonly viewed. Released worldwide in 1996 Tomb Raider marked British explorer Lara Croft's debut adventure as she battled nature and persevered against the challenging obstacles she faced during her journey across the globe. Lara Croft's legacy has survived to this day, but what was it that fuelled our passion for such an iconic game character?

Lara Croft was the first 'hard-as-nails' female protagonist on the PS1, hailed to be revolutionary at the time, Lara Croft clearly left her mark on the gaming industry due to the way in which she proved an action hero could be female. Whether it be the way in which she fearlessly stripped tombs of their wealth or bravely conquered terrifying foes such as armed guards, crocodiles, dinosaurs and even bats with a craving for human flesh, Lara Croft remains an iconic character despite receiving multiple episodes of plastic surgery during her reign over the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

The basic plot to Tomb Raider was that the protagonist, Lara Croft, had been hired by Jacqueline Natla to retrieve a relic of immense value and mystery - the Scion was Lara's goal. Taking place in various locations across the globe, Lara Croft ventured the world to find the missing pieces of the Scion in order to complete it and receive her hefty paycheck; however, things don't always go as they initially seem.

Tomb Raider hit the gaming industry with such force that it supposedly became the template for many games to come due to its beautifully structured tombs and engaging gameplay mechanics or shooting, swimming, jumping and climbing. Download Tomb Raider today for the bargain-price of £4.59/$9.99 for your PS3, PS VITA or PSP.
Relive the past.

In conclusion, the Playstation 1 has so many classic titles that this list is wholly-opinion. Whatever your verdict, please acknowledge that I wish to commend the following titles for being very close and nearly receiving a place on this list; FINAL FANTASY: VII, RESIDENT EVIL:2, ODDWORLD: ABE's ODDYSEE, TOMB RAIDER: 2, CASTLEVANIA: SOTN and many more - some of which aren't available to some regions due to PSN limitations. Feel free to state any game that you feel was missing from this list. Thankyou for reading.


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