5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Ps Vita

The Playstation Vita, SONY's most advanced portable gaming system is nearing its 1 year anniversary and for the unaware, the Vita has had a fairly big year in terms of what games are available on the powerhouse of a system. So, in celebration of the console's first successful year, we can only look back at the system and see what really made it shine, this is the 5 reasons why YOU should go out and buy yourself a Vita.

1: The Vita's Games

Despite the unaddressed complaints of some Vita players, the Vita actually has a huge, varied library of games available from the day you buy it, most of which offer a near, exact or superior experience when compared to it's console counterpart. For example, Uncharted: Golden Abyss - certainly a step up from usual handheld games, on par with the experience of the first Uncharted adventure. In addition, the Vita has Littlebigplanet, a superior experience to the Ps3 LBP games; Assassins Creed: 3: Liberation - not as good as the PS3 AC3 but certainly a brilliant, standalone entry into the iconic series; furthermore, there are many near-console games such as NFS: Most Wanted, MGS: HD Trilogy and many upcoming titles such as Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway and Killzone: Mercenary. The PS Vita is in anything but a game drought. In addition to the Vita's growing library of games, the Playstation Store offers hundreds of PS1, PSP, Minis and Ps Mobile games, there is no way you will be disappointed if you plan to buy these games as well.

This is merely the first page of games/apps I have on my Vita right now, if anything it is not short in content.

2: Backwards Compatibility

That's right, the PS1 and PSP backwards compatibility available on the Vita thanks to update 1.80 is unparalleled by any other game console. Offering custom control mapping,a variable screen size, smoothing and touch screen control assignment, the Vita has a multitude of advantages when it comes to the onboard backward compatibility. In addition, the experience is only enhanced by the easy to use PS Store - with hundreds of PS1 and PSP games available on the spot, the Playstation Store gives the user freedom when they want a new game that utilises the PS Vita's backwards compatibility. Ever wanted to play Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 1-3 and many more classic titles on the go? How about MGS: Peace Walker, GTA: Stories games or Medal of Honor: Heroes? Every Ps1, PSP or PS Mini game played on the Vita has the ability to use the Vita's second analogue stick rather than the old, clunky PSP control scheme - once again, this is a huge advantage on the Vita's side.

Tomb Raider, the classic PS1 title on my PS Vita - it really does look magnificent on the OLED screen.

3: The Playstation Network/ SEN

That's right! Like never before, Sony have delivered the full PSN experience onto a handheld system. Giving the user the ability to sign in, message friends, talk to friends, play with friends and compare trophies, the PSN experience available on the Vita is unavailable on any other handheld system. This acts as an advantage as it grants the user access to their gaming portal at any time (considering they have WI-FI or 3G connections), this therefore means that you can talk to friends, message friends, play with friends or see what your friends are playing anywhere in your house (yes, the toilet will work too) or anywhere outside of your house (EG: cafes, hotels etc...).

4: Music Unlimited

It costs but by Jove is it an amazing experience. Music Unlimited is now available on the Ps Vita and allows the user to access an insanely large library of all the latest music and either stream it or save it onto their system for use in games (or outside of games). Music Unlimited expands the experience offered by the Vita by allowing the user to listen to whatever song they like when the Vita is turned on. If you're into music and love your Vita then I highly recommend Music Unlimited for it acts just like Lovefilm or Netflix but with music.

5: The Oled Screen

The screen of the Vita is by far one of it's best features. Giving a beautiful, crisp image, the Vita's OLED screen optimises the user's experience with the Vita whether they be watching a film or playing a game. Furthermore, the screen is very late which offers a comfortable, ergonomic experience upon the viewer's eyes. Not only that, but the OLED screen also doubles as a touch screen! That's right, games such as LBP put it to full use and show off it's full potential. To top off the package the touchscreen is very accurate at detecting your fingers which makes it a pleasure to use! The Vita's front touchscreen certainly runs up there with the best touch screens.

After reading this blog, I hope you view the Vita in a new light. Never before has a handheld system offered such power as the Vita, the Vita is the best at what it does so shouldn't be shunned by the haters. If you want the best handheld experience then go ahead, buy one, you will not regret it.

Thankyou for reading.

The Vita in it's full glory.

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